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Jun 30, 2015 9:31 AM ET

Archived: Foodist: Each month, Foodist sends its over 14,000 subscribers an exclusive selection of international delicacies

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015



Website: www.foodist.de


Each month, Foodist sends its over 14,000 subscribers an exclusive selection of international delicacies. The market leader in food box subscriptions, Foodist generated €1,438,157 in revenues in the first quarter of 2015.



Foodist Healthy Box Exceeds Expectations!


Alexander Djordjevic

By Alexander Djordjevic


We would like to thank you for this FANTASTIC start of our campaign! We have not only reached more than 600,000 euros and over 600 Companists already, but we are also wondering what pleases us the most: Those Foodists who invested for the second or third time or our many new Companists. In any case, we are absolutely delighted!


Foodist Healthy Box Launched Very Successfully

We are also happy about the launch of another subscription box in addition to our Foodist Gourmet Box on 1 June: the Foodist Healthy Box. Each month, this box will provide our customers with a surprising selection of healthy and trendy products for a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, no matter whether these products are superfoods, paleo food, smoothies, low-carb products, gluten-free products, or vegan products. The Healthy Box is 100 % vegetarian and provides customers with essential vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients necessary for vitality and energy.

Through a newsletter and on Facebook, we have already informed our customers of this addition to our product range. Moreover, we have not noticed any significant cannibalization effect that affects the Foodist Gourmet Box. Roughly 40 % of Foodist Healthy Box subscribers have never had a Foodist subscription before and have only made individual orders so far. To be more precise, the customer structure of the first 500 subscribers looks as follows:


  • 38.9 % have never been subscribers
  • 27 % also have a Foodist Gourmet Box subscription
  • 12.6% have or have had a gift subscription
  • 11.1% have canceled their Foodist Box subscription
  • 10.4% used to be subscribers but canceled their subscription at some point in the past


The above customer structure proves our hypothesis that there is another attractive target group in addition to gourmets/foodies that is highly interested in high-quality groceries: the healthy/athletic target group. This target group has been growing rapidly over the last few years.

In order to achieve most efficient use of our office and warehouse capacities, the new box will be shipped on the first day of each month. Consequently, the box will first be delivered on 1 July. Just like the normal Foodist Box, the Healthy Box has no minimum duration and may be canceled via email or telephone on a monthly basis.


Targeted Marketing Activities Will Start in July

Next month, we will start target marketing activities for the new box, for instance a partnership with food supplement manufacturer Nu3 and sample boxes for famous bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagramers.

Until the end of this year, we plan to attract 2,000 monthly Foodist Healthy Box subscribers.


Best regards,

Alexander Djordjevic






Contact Information:

Alexander Djordjevic

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