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Jun 30, 2015 10:49 AM ET

Archived: Fond, LLC will be a small, homemade grocery store in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

Fond, LLC


Personal Story

I have been a professional personal chef for the past 5 years, and have owned my own business since I was 21. I was born in Louisville and have lived here since I was 8. It is my favorite city. I love to travel and discover new things to eat and prepare for my clients. Currently, I am trying to gather the start up capital to open a small, homemade grocery store called Fond that will allow me to express my creative spirit. I am an artist. I love to feed people. It is my whole life.

Business Description

Fond, LLC will be a small, homemade grocery store in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, KY where I will source and sell local products, prepare items by hand with real ingredients, teach cooking classes, and offer 5-course private dinners with menus that change weekly. I will sell things like ready-to-heat appetizers, small meals, and cookie dough.

I have been dreaming about opening this business for nearly a decade, and with a little financial help, I can make that dream a reality now that I know what I’m doing! My work feeds my soul, and my customers constantly tell me that they can taste love in my meals. The products I will be selling are items that have been wildly popular with my clients, including risotto cakes, fig pizzas with prosciutto and parmesan, and chocolate fudge cake with whipped coffee buttercream icing.

My customers will be people who care about what they eat, about locality, about small businesses, and about consuming delicious, exciting meals. Foodies. Working couples. Parents. People who love to entertain. I will be directly bringing my loyal customer base from the past 5 years to Fond with me when the store opens.

The biggest challenge is the cost of rent in the Highlands. This loan will help me pay rent for the first couple of months. This store will be my whole world, and I will pour all the passion, creativity, and love that I have into its success in hopes of making Fond a Louisville staple.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will give me the start I need to secure my perfect location in the Highlands. It will literally get Fond up and running, making my dream a reality. Most of it (roughly $3,000) will be used as a deposit and as the first month’s rent. Once I am able to get the building, I will use the rest to purchase a POS system ($1,000), buy some basic furniture, and purchase the initial ingredients I will need (roughly $500). This loan will give me a fighting chance to open my store on solid footing.

Contact Information:


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