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Jun 30, 2015 2:30 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015


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We are raising funds to produce the TV show “The Players”.  

Your investment will go to the production of entertainment that will reinvent television!

Here is what your investment can get you!

-Top 5 donors gets a cameo shot in the first episode.

-Top 10 donors gets a VIP ticket to premier and party.

-All donors will be listed in the credits.

-For the donor that donates the entire 20k you get speaking lines in two scenes of the first episode.

Have you ever sat down at home to watch television and by the end of the evening you feel like you’ve wasted time you can’t get back? Or that you’ve somehow contributed to the dumbing down of America?  Have you ever been sitting down with some of your friends talking about how television used to be or how you don’t want your children watching the “popular” shows on television?  Do you ever say “I wish somebody would do something different”?  Entertainment that uplifts, inspires and educates was a huge influence on my life and it is even more influential today. 

Day to day life is difficult for an adult so shouldn’t we have the option to be entertained by programming that uplifts us, inspires us, and intrigues us?  Shouldn’t we be able to feel like whatever we are watching is adding to our lives and not dumbing us down?   I believe we can have these things! I believe we can create programming that does these things and more! I believe we can create television programing for adults and teenagers that will breathe life into our families that will bring about the age on Edutainment!! But I need your help! Please help us uplift and inspire through Edutainment by clicking on the “Donate” button. All proceeds will go toward the production of entertainment that will inspire, uplift and educate! Together, we can bring about the change we all want to see!

“The Players” Show Description:
I want you close your eyes and listen. Are they closed? Imagine a show about one of the most powerful elements of American culture that most people don’t even know exist. Imagine a show that tugs at your heart strings and right before the tear drops, it evaporates to dust. Imagine all the power elements of our society love, greed, lust, money, fame, politics, and self indulgence crossing paths at the same time; seamlessly, as if no one is watching. Imagine a show that makes you look at yourself in ways you never wanted to; in ways that make you the most uncomfortable; yet you can’t look away. You find yourself wanting more. Why? Because it makes you feel good? Because it makes you feel bad? No! You want more because you want more of you and within this show you are finding out more and more about you! It’s like a train wreck, only the train wreck is you and only you have the power to change….do you want to change it? Or, do you want more? Can you see it? Or I guess the real question is, DO YOU WANT TO SEE IT?

Contact Information:

Brian Taylor

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