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Jun 30, 2015 12:37 PM ET

Archived: BioMetric Solution: Selling biometrics for the past 10 years getting our start with school lunch lines – see our mention in WikiPedia on search of “biometrics in schools”

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

BioMetric Solution

We have been in the business of selling biometrics for the past 10 years getting our start with school lunch lines. See our mention in WikiPedia when you search on “biometrics in schools”. There has been a tremendous demand for product that has more functionality with mobility. Software developed is always more profitable than selling someone else’s as a dealer if there is decent volume. I developed this product vision and have spec’ed out the software and have firm written quotes for the work needed. This is for Nexus 7 tablets. It can be changed with a NIST(.gov) proven platform developed into a framework allowing several derivative products to be easily produced. Time & Attendance with or without mobile capability on Windows, Android or Linux to provide authentication via web service is the core product. Various derivative products would allow tracking of high value asset, children perhaps, locations on the move with realtime access to authorized subscribed parties like parents.

This division is a distributor for MorphoTrak USA unit of Safran Security servicing the non-federal government and non-military sectors. MorphoTrak supplies all the big name government agencies.
The unit has secured business for MorphoTrak from names such as BNSF Railways and Roche Diagnostics and through a contractor we have the biometric POS business at Area 51 in NV. MorphoTrak products are not geared to the consumer market in terms of pricing, adaptability or platform capability. Windows or Windows CE only.

The website BioMetricSolution.com has good organic Google standing due to it’s 7+ year presence on the web. We have good name recognition in our market. This new line of products will finally address the problem with meeting the demand of the mainstream market.


Products / Services

POS Authentication to K-12 current parent company

The current parent company has a Point of Sale system which integrates directly with the MorphoTrak USB connected fingerprint scanner. It is currently deployed in about 200 k-12 schools across the USA and overseas in private and international schools. It is used to speed up the lines and eliminate errors in identifying the child’s account to apply the transaction towards. The limiting factor to sales is the current price, almost $2,000, per device which could be $300 for an Android tablet AND biometric scanner or HD cam for facial recognition which will be a category killer when introduced.

Convenience Solutions & Membership Management Distributor

Currently a distributor of several membership management packages for simple situation in a variety of small to medium businesses such as gyms or for simple biometric time & attendance on Windows PC only in a client server configuration. The next generation of these packages are able to to take web service authentication from a system such as what is envisioned with the next generation product line on Windows, Android or Linux. Revenue now is minimal due to high cost of our keyboard wedge Morpho hardware based product. A large organization called ISG will help distribute the new product line.

Contact Information:

Richard D. Campbell

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