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Jun 30, 2015 1:37 PM ET

Baby Boy: a hard-hitting Rugby League FIlm that follows Bronson

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

Baby Boy

The story of the project

“What would you sacrifice to achieve your dreams?”

Baby Boy Is a hard-hitting Rugby League FIlm that follows Bronson…
… for a teenager, Bronson shoulders more responsibility than most adults; living a disadvantaged life with the burden of a heavily reliant mother. Bronson suppresses his own needs to survive and finds a way to express himself through Rugby League. Rugby league also acts a classroom where Bronson learns important life lessons that help him move closer to his dreams. But none of this comes easy. Bronson is an underdog in a fiercely competitive sporting arena and it takes real sacrifice for him to get his shot.

These guys believe in us… so why wouldn’t you?
ScreenNSW through Metroscreen are helping out! Their story incubation sessions and director’s hothouse have made the story as amazing as it can be. They’ve also invested some initial seed funding to help us get started.

We plan to give a percentage of the profits of the film to The Smith Family to help disadvantaged kids in Australia.

Our most recent film…
…’Red Nuts’ was a self-funded project that picked up 2nd Prize and Best Actor at Tropfest 2014 and Short of the Week 2015.  We make films purely for the love of telling stories that matter.

We want to use non-actors from the Rugby League community. But we do have key roles being played by established Aussie actors.

Louise Harris – 
AACTA award winner from Snowtown & Wentworth

Georgia Flood –
House Husbands, Anzac Girls & Tangled


How the funds will be used

Every cent will go to making the film as good as it can be! Basically the more money we raise, the bigger the film will be.

The funding will go towards:
– Locations (stadium for the amazing action sequences).
– Stunts  (ensuring that the tackling and other violence is the real deal).
– VFX  (we are creating a debilitating injury that’s prevalent in the sport)
– Production design and Costume (players wearing the right NRL jerseys)
– FOOD for the crew. Catering helps everyone stay energised and happy whilst giving their time to our project.

Contact Information:

Jackson Mullane
Michelle Nagy
Dale Bremner

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