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Jun 30, 2015 3:42 PM ET

Archived: A Disabled Woman Builds an “Online 2-1-1”

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

Valdosta, Georgia, 6-30-2015 — Bobbie Michelle Dixon believes her disability is a gift and says her social security disability check is a “stipend from God” that allows her to serve the poor. She’s been volunteering for various social service agencies for over ten years, but more recently started a website called SocialServicesDatabase.com. Her work with the SocialServicesDatabase.com is even more important than her teeth.


Dixon’s dentures broke over a year ago. She often has the money to replace them, but when prioritizing purchases, the dentures always end up below the expenses that come up for the SocialServicesDatabase.com.


When asked “why” she doesn’t buy herself some new dentures, Dixon simply responds, “The needs of many outweigh the needs of one.”


The SocialServicesDatabase.com was started in January of 2015 by Dixon when she was volunteering at Lowndes Area Crisis Care (LACC). Many people did not qualify for help from LACC, so Dixon started gathering resources and printing them out to help people help themselves.


Long time friend, Lynde Young, wanted to make it even easier and made the suggestion to put all these social service resources on a website. Since then, SocialServicesDatabase.com has quickly been catching on in the South Central Georgia area as a self-help resource for the under-served. The site currently averages 40 users a day and all traffic is word of mouth, mostly from social workers referring clients to help themselves.


“The majority of social service resources online are intended for professional service workers. The sites are written in professional language and referred to with cryptic acronyms like DCA, GFHA, and GLSP. Some of these sites are buried inside other sites whose long names give no hint that the information on a social service is even present,” said Young.


“The average person isn’t empowered to begin helping themselves. They remain at the mercy of agencies and service workers whose workloads do not give them the luxury to spend hours searching to find what each client needs,” said Young.


Both Dixon and Young plan to keep putting time and money into SocialServicesDatabase.com. Eventually, they plan to cover the tri-state area of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. To expand the SocialServicesDatabase.com Dixon will need a new computer. To help raise funds to make this happen they are selling “People Helping People” t-shirts on booster.com.


Contact Information:

Bobbie Michelle Dixon
Chief Operating Officer

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