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Jun 29, 2015 8:37 AM ET

Archived: Orbital Micro Systems Inc. – Unique Weather Data Sets from Proprietary Cutting-Edge

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2015

Orbital Micro Systems Inc.

Unique Weather Data Sets from Proprietary Cutting-Edge


At OMS, we create space-based weather observation products by employing a satellite constellation equipped with proprietary instruments that deliver the most meaningful and timely weather data in the industry. The information we provide is second to none and helps our clients prepare for weather-related challenges over 6 times faster than any other product on the market.


Current methods of weather forecasting are outdated and have led to two distinct, important issues faced by millions around the world:

All too often, the response to weather driven disasters is reactionary and arrives too late. Super typhoon Haiyan, hurricane Katrina, the Thai floods and repeated periods of extreme heat have shown us that being unprepared for major weather events can lead to tragedy. Millions of lives are impacted and billions of dollars are lost every year. There is a direct need for faster decisions and more accurate forecasts. Although the world’s technological capabilities have reached unparalleled levels, the standard levels of weather information are lagging woefully behind.

Businesses around the world rely heavily on the acquisition of data to keep up in today’s fast-moving competitive landscape. In recent years this has come to include weather data, an important tool used to improve the effectiveness of modeling, forecasting, and operational decision making. Growth in this arena has been rapid, but there’s still a substantial amount of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere that remain under-observed. Currently, all weather observation systems are either government run (pricey and highly regulated) or ground-based (offering poor spatial resolution). Our target clients need more effective solutions in these areas in order to make better decisions.


At Orbital Micro Systems, we’ve created a unique commercial alternative to the current supply of weather information.

We offer our clients the ability to prepare better for natural disaster.

For our clients, OMS satellites provide low cost, high return weather data sets and products based on your business’s unique market-driven requirements. OMS supplies unprecedented 15-minute updates of weather conditions around the globe, including under-observed regions such as South and Central Asia, Africa, and the Poles. Now you can quickly get the critical data you need for proactive decision-making.


OMS is a leader in space system applications, drawing from an established combination of management, science, space operations, R&D, and program delivery expertise. Our team has secured exclusive rights to innovative radiometer technologies.

Here’s how it works: 

The microwave sensor is the core instrument of our satellites. It observes 2 bands related to water and oxygen in the atmosphere. The microwave sensor can see through clouds all the way to the surface. Infrared cameras are focused on temperature and filtered visible cameras offer NDVI.

Primary observation data includes temperature and moisture measurements. These two pieces of information can be combined to monitor a vast array of weather events.

The data is then consolidated at our terrestrial control center.  It can be delivered to you via VPN, directly over the web, or in a writeable package, including a number of other delivery methods.

Data can be made available when and wherever the client requires.  It can flow internally or be distributed to client-designated analytic or rework partners.

This data is used by our clients for modeling, catastrophe preparation, risk mitigation, agriculture, transportation, and research.


We’re more than just your local weather jockey.  Our team consists of the perfect blend of experienced, capable executives from both of our parent companies, coming together to see OMS through the right way.  Here’s a little bit about us:

William Hosack, CEO & President

  • Aeronautical and Space Management and Operations, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 
  • Strategic business development and design / Asian and South Asian JV 
  • Management of Export and ITAR compliance in SE Asia
  • Management consulting in the Aerospace industry

Michael Ladi, COO

  • M.S. / Diploma, Industrial Eng., Technical University of Hamburg, Germany 
  • Professional education in machining and production 
  • 13 years of management positions in Aerospace 
  • Program management expert
  • Organization and process development consultant for Aerospace OEM and Tier

​Frank McAllister, CFO

  • Degree in Finance, University of Utah
  • MBA, New York University
  • Advanced Mgt. Program Harvard Business School 
  • Asarco Inc. (Mining), chairman & CEO 
  • Stillwater Mining Company, chairman and CEO 
  • Several corporate boards positions

Michael Hurowitz, CTO & Sr. VP of Engineering

  • B.S., Engineering Physics, Colorado School of Mines 
  • 16 years of engineering experience over broad range of disciplines 
  • Involved with development of over 30 unique products with 20 products taken through FCC/CE/Materials/Safety compliance testing
  • Management of IP Portfolio 
  • Delivered microwave hardware to over 50 spacecraft

Richard McAllister, CIO & Sr. VP of Information Technology

  • M.S., Computer Science, Montana State University
  • PhD Candidate, Computer Science, Montana State University 
  • Senior Software Engineer, Workiva 
  • Researcher and Lecturer, Montana State University 
  • Chief Technology Officer, Singularity Prime LLC

Al Gasiewski, Senior VP of Science and Technology 

  • M.S. Electrical Engineering Case Western Reserve University
  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering MIT 
  • Director, NOAA-CU Center for Environmental Technology 
  • Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder 
  • Positions at IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society

Dave Gallaher, Senior VP of ​Data and Product Development

  • M.S., Geology, Northern Arizona University 
  • More than 30 years in Geosciences, IT technology and remote sensing
  • IT Manager, National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder 
  • Leads project for analysis of massive remote sensing data 
  • CubeSat satellite project to monitor polar ice condition

Brian Sanders, Senior VP of Integration and Launch

  • B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder 
  • Led the development of 6 small satellite builds 
  • 17 years of experience in Aerospace projects ranging in size and complexity from the ISS to CubeSats
Contact Information:

William Hosack
Michael Ladi
​Frank McAllister
Michael Hurowitz
Richard McAllister
Al Gasiewski
Dave Gallaher
Brian Sanders

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