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Jun 28, 2015 2:33 PM ET

Archived: Telling Tiny Stories: a workbook that will help you to remember stories from your life and write them down in your own words

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2015

Telling Tiny Stories

The story of the project

Telling Tiny Stories is a workbook that will help you to remember stories from your life and write them down in your own words. Designed for writers and non-writers alike, it uses a series of prompts to help you recall fleeting moments from your past and present – memories that might just surprise you.


Life-writing books are often aimed at writers who already know what they’d like to write about. But what if you just want to record your memories in bits and pieces, and you’re not sure where it will take you? That’s where Telling Tiny Stories can help. It’s also great for helping older relatives to write down their stories. 

Telling Tiny Stories encourages you to write your story in small but powerful fragments. After all, you live your life in a series of tiny stories, so why wouldn’t you write it that way?

How the funds will be used

The funds will pay the book designer, Shaun Jury, for his design of the book’s interior and cover. Funds will also cover publishing and delivery costs.  Remaining funds will pay Michelle for writing the book. 

Some of my other work

Michelle Dicinoski is the author of Ghost Wife: A Memoir of Love and Defiance (Black Inc., 2013) and the poetry collection Electricity for Beginners (Clouds of Magellan, 2011). She has a PhD in creative writing, and has taught creative nonfiction and memoir at various universities and in the community. You can read reviews of her previous work here.


The book is finished, the design is complete, and we’ve published a proof version. Everything has gone smoothly, so the project is unlikely to encounter any obstacles. 
Contact Information:

Michelle Dicinoski
Shaun Jury

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