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Jun 28, 2015 1:35 PM ET

Archived: Artist & Musicians building their own empire: KingDon Come Records and Sirlute The King are organisations run by KingDon Come Limited

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2015

Artist & Musicians building their own empire

Welcome to our KingDon Come Records and Sirlute The King crowd funder project.

KingDon Come Records and Sirlute The King are organisations run by KingDon Come Limited. KingDon Come Records being a record and management label whilst Sirlute The King is an events and online media coverage platform. We have been together and working these two organisations for the past two years now. Through pure hard graft and learning our routes along the journey, we have created something quite beautiful and (we believe) semi recognisable establishments.

Progressing quickly to where we want to be and know where we can take our vision, we are in a happy place as we have continued to grow day by day, quite literally, “rapid learning” in the right way we call it. We have built up our own team of people who are passionate about their art and skill and that craved a chance to work in their desired field, rather than out sourcing the work. This has led to us now having an all around team of 18, which includes, a back board team (of directors, artist manager, event managers, social media, film crew, marketing and branding personnel), artist, musicians, djs, producers, event host and sound engineers.

Yes, we are very much a creative organisation, that wants to leave a positive impression on the industry without being restricted in anyway by major forces. This being the fundamental reason behind us creating such movements. So that we could be our own boss in a way that if we continue to work hard and believing in our own skills, vision and those of who we work with, we could very much so achieve our goals and targets as a unit but also individually.

The reason for this pledge is to ask of your support and help to reach our start up cost. Which will go towards;
KingDon Come Limited(business server, advertising and marketing)
Building our websites
Events (advertising, marketing, flyers, posters and signage)
Build our studio (equipment, rent and studio build)
Necessary accessorises (business cards etc)
Merchandise for Sirlute The King

Inside KingDon Come Records


The record label is set up to help artist fulfil their potential by giving them the resources they need to make the music they want and helping them getting it to the masses. KingDon Come is like a safety blanket, which safe guards it’s artist against major cooperations. With a well structured team we can offer help with; 

x Building music projects with J’R’ Josephs 
  • Getting concepts together
  • Setting deadlines for:
          – full detailed concept
          – beats collect by
          – features recorded by
          – drafted ideas of lyrics and recording
          – finished and released by
          – cover x art work
          – videos; concepts, directors, filmed by
          – promo push
          – press x launch party
x Press pack designed and written with Natasha x Kayleigh
x Promo push with and by Glen
x Press pack push by Ajay x Jade Warnan

x Financing by Jonathan

x Other concepts building and executed with Daniel

KingDon Come currently has 10 artist signed to it. Although out first as a hip-hop record label, we have now branched out to all genres of music. The artist currently signed are Battle Of The Roses, J’R’ Josephs, JD, Jizzle, Mace, The Moonwalkers, Morris ‘cashmere’ Brown, Pace Of Mind, Refound*, T Spark Sounds and Waves. All are a very much mixed artist, with style and sounds.

Inside Kdc-Management


Refound* performing live

This is a division spinoff to the record label. It will be headed by Brooke Dalby and made up mainly of DJ’s and personnel (radio and event host). There are also some artist that KingDon Come are excited by but either there is not enough time to devote to them right now or they need help with development.

The plan is to sign all musicians in the future to the record label. As of now what we can offer is;
x Exposure with gigs, interviews by Brooke
x Artist advice and development with J’R’ 
x Social media push with and by Glen
x Sourcing resources like videos, radio plays

Inside Sirlute The King


J’R’ Josephs with Arsenal footballer Kieran Gibbs

Sirlute The King is an event that runs on the once a month at Birthdays and also an online media platform. The concept was created by J’R’ Josephs to give others the chance to be Sirluted and respected. If you have turned a bad situation good, grind hard in order to become something then Sirlute The King is the place for those individuals or groups to get recognition.
The brand is unique to others around. It was built on the concept that hard work achieves success and respect from others.
Our events stands out by giving artist and musicians from all backgrounds and genres to network together.
The online media – like the event we aim to give exposure to those who are hard working and either achieved already or on a journey to. This is a worldwide life cultural platform that we have created to give exposure to those involved in, Art,Fashion, Music, Film x Photography and Sports.


An additional something about myself Jermaine (J’R’) Josephs, the person behind all this idea…


Secondly I am the director KingDon Come Limited which runs KingDon Come Records and Sirlute The King. Firstly I am a music artist and also signed to the record label.

I created KingDon Come back in December 2012 as a brand awareness to my music. Originally I was working with a collective called Royalty S*T*A started by my brother and I. Which was artists and musicians working together to record and ultimately push each others dream’s forward. At the time KingDon Come was a natural progress for myself whilst still working alongside Royalty S*T*A.

In October 2013 I started the event (Sirlute The King; which began in January 2014) in East London, which would be an open jam session where all genres and backgrounds of music could come and get involved and show off their passion and skill. The events went on to have a very successful first year despite our first venue actually taking our concept and idea for themselves. After two months of absence we found a temporary venue in Shoreditch, which saw us through to Christmas. We are now in Birthdays and doing great events again.

Backtracking to the beginning of (January) 2014. I made a decision to turn KingDon Come the brand into a record label for some of the artists and musicians of Royalty S*T*A. We have released one music project to date which was actually supported and pushed by Russell Brand through he’s social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Russel Brands tweet supporting Mr Mayor


Within the year we have built an amazing team not just of artist and musicians but with an exceptional backboard team too, all of which I could not be happier to say I work with. With things in place now, we are looking for funding to cover our start up cost through Crowdfunder. With funding we would be able to start building a sustainable organisation which could go as far as our wildest dreams, as when I started it did sound very farfetched to some. Funding would help us to continue on our journey and progress at a steady but strong pace but more importantly leading to more opportunities for individuals to come on board and work with us.

Currently KingDon Come Records being a record label and home to over 15 artist and acts which we help to record, promote, publish and gain exposure.

Sirlute The King is currently going through a transition period as we are building a online media platform to give those who are either on or completed a journey they feel deserves to be credited for. Not to be confused with blowing your own trumpet but actually spreading their word to inspire others. We already have three bloggers who work here and working on the online image ready to launch soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal.
Our sites are currently under construction but please feel free to check out our social media pages to see our work.


Some of our KingDon Come Records archives…

‘Run’ by Battle of the Roses live on the Main Stage at the O2 Academy Islington (Live Performance Video)

Venting By T Spark Sounds (Music Video)

P​.​A​.​R​.​A​.​L​.​L​.​E​.​L M​.​I​.​N​.​D​.​S by J’R’ Josephs x Refound* (FREE Music Download)

J’R’ Josephs x Refound* Discuss & Reflect On The P.A.R.A.L.L.E.L M.I.N.D.S Project (Video)

Baby I Need You ft. Jimmy Sharp By J’R’ Josephs (Music Video)

Since ’94 By J’R’Josephs (FREE Music Download)

Dead Flowers (part 1) By Refound* (FREE Music Download)


Have a look at our  Sirlute The King YouTube page



Contact Information:

KingDon Come Limited

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