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Jun 27, 2015 10:48 AM ET

INFRA: This game is about puzzles, story and atmosphere

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 27, 2015



We are Loiste Interactive, the company behind the first-person puzzle adventure, INFRA

INFRA tells a story about deep structural corruption of society in the realistic but fictional city of Stalburg. You are an engineer whose day goes from an interesting yet ordinary facility inspection to a struggle against the environment and mistakes of the past. You must use your wits and experience to balance between survival and the quest for truth.


INFRA is focused around story and puzzles, like in games such as Talos Principle and Portal 2, but the main meat of the game is in the world, story and atmosphere. Each puzzle has been made to fit the environment, not the other way around. The player is faced with demanding challenges and situations in a realistic and detailed environment set in a fragile and complex world. The game rewards those who are willing to pay attention to detail, as there’s a lot to discover and learn about the world outside the beaten path.

Our team has taken part in smaller and similar individual modding projects ever since 2006. So far INFRA has been underway for four years and we need help to make the final push. In the past, too many other projects by different game studios have ended up on the shelf. We got greenlit on Steam back in 2013, when the process was way harder than what it is today. We hit over 45 000 votes, people telling us they would buy the game once published. We peaked Steam Greenlight top 4, and with the overwhelming support from the community, INFRA was Greenlitand Loiste Interactive Ltd. was founded.

Our development team consists of well respected members of the modding and scientific community, who have taken part in numerous but demanding projects of smaller scale.

Oskari is the CEO and and Head-Nerd of the team. He is a true force of nature, with sharp vision, a sense of mission and an urge to make things happen. Iiro is an Investor and the chairman of our board. He is a former industrial worker and a current intellectual rebel. In bureaucratic terms he is a management professor, but people who know him say that he is kind of an artist. Jukka is a creative level-architect with an eye for details. There is nothing we can slip through his watch. He loves sailing. Mikko is the master of level design. He is extremely creative and gets things done with an incredible amount of detail. Like a silent assassin he eliminates problems in no time. Aleksi is our cunning self-taught programmer. He didn’t want anything written about him. Riku makes characters and other 3D models for the game. Nobody knows how he works, but things get done. Vertti mostly does marketing and writing related things for us. When he is not writing news updates or dialogue, he is probably coming up with new jokes and Easter eggs for the game. 


We have been developing the game for years. From the beginning of this year we were given the opportunity to work on the game full-time with the help of some contribution from investors. However, that contribution was not sufficient to secure materialization of the game in the length and quality we desire and players deserve.

In this campaign we aim at $70 000 for a good reason. The sum is based on an exact calculation, including the following costs: game engine license, software, supporting workforce, marketing, rents, overheads, and taxes. The team itself is getting along on a very modest salary. We would love to share exact figures, but we also want to and need to protect the interests of our partners in this campaign.

We need to reach our target. If the campaign falls short, it will mean less content and unfortunate delay. To sum up, your contribution is vital!


There’s a lot one can do even outside simply buying our game or paying for perks however. Tell people about INFRA! Share a picture of a cool industrial location with us, or ask how our day was! You can also follow us on our Twitter or Facebook and other social media as we love engaging with the community.

And then, finally, you can contribute beyond the suggested sums, but only if you absolutely feel it’s necessary.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Contact Information:

Oskari Samiola
Aleksi Juvani
Iiro Jussila
Riku Vauhkonen
Jukka Koskelainen
Vertti Sinisalo
Mikko Viitaja

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