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Jun 27, 2015 1:56 PM ET

Archived: Fugue State – Short Film: an independent crew made up of award-winning filmmakers, both student and professional

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 27, 2015

Fugue State – Short Film

The story of the project

After the death of his youngest brother, William resorts to drastic actions in order to get himself and his girlfriend Jenna out of their decaying hometown.

We’re an independent crew made up of award-winning filmmakers, both student and professional, that need your help in order to get this production made.


Set in the year 2000, Fugue State is a short drama about William, an unemployed 26 year old that’s left feeling lost in his own hometown after the death of his youngest brother.

The film follows William as he comes to the realization that it is finally time for he and his girlfriend Jenna to leave their crumbling hometown. But as William struggles to deal with his current situation and the mounting pressure to leave, his desire for change turns into desperation. Along with his best friend Jake, the pair decide to rob a local motel, but when the robbery turns violent, William is left in a severe state of traumatic stress.

Played out against the backdrop of a fictitious Australian town, Fugue State deals with themes of isolation, violence and grief.

How the funds will be used

Our goal is to raise $5000. As young, up-and-coming filmmakers we need the help of those around us in order to be able to tell this story we are all so invested in. With the majority of the budget coming from the pockets of our own passionate crew, we are asking for your support to help get us over the line.

With your pledges, we will be able to deliver a short film of the highest quality. But in filmmaking, quality doesn’t come cheap. The funds we are able to raise will go directly towards the following:

– Location fees
– Props and costumes
– Camera and lighting equipment hire
– Catering for our volunteer cast and crew
– Panavision Cooke Xtal Anamorphic lenses
– On set armourer/safety supervisor
– Post-production essentials such as hard drives
– Prosthetics and in-camera VFX (supplied by industry professionals Sharp FX)


Having been in pre-production for close to 6 months now, many of our initial challenges have been met. We have cast and crew locked in, beautiful locations ready to go, and a range of professionals willing to help us out with the more difficult aspects during production.

But, most of these people need to be paid. In order to complete our film in the highest standard, we need to raise some funds. So please, help us make this dream a reality by clicking PLEDGE NOW and support local filmmaking.


Click the PLEDGE NOW button at the top of the page (just under our video). You will be asked to select a PLEDGE amount and REWARD. Following that, you will be directed to the Pozible checkout where payment can be made.

All of the rewards on offer can be seen down the right hand side and the more you PLEDGE, the more you get!

It’s safe and direct, with each and every PLEDGE helping us get that little bit closer to our end goal. But, we are on a timeline. If we don’t reach our goal by the end of the campaign, no payments will be processed.

Thank you.

Some of my other work

Writer/Director –  Luke Westbury
Producer – Zoe Couper 
Director of Photography – Anthony Vita
Editor – Kale Elbourne
Production/Costume Designers – Cy Lindra, Bella Venutti, Giorgia Deslandes

Previous Work from Luke Westbury and Anthony Vita:
Foot Patrol (2013):
WINNER – Golden Remi and Platinum Remi, WORLDFEST HOUSTON, 2015

SHARP FX have come onboard to cover all our prosthetics and make up special effects. With years of experience in the industry and company director Russell Sharp’s credits including The Hobbit, Elysium and The Matrix Reloaded, the Sharp FX team are going to help us create realistic FX that hold up.

Contact Details

To keep up to date throughout the entire production by following us on Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here.

For any business, press, marketing or other enquires, please feel free to contact us at fuguestateshortfilm@gmail.com.
And keep an eye out for the Fugue State website launching soon!

*All shipping rates are based on Australian postal prices. If you are donating from an international address, please contact us.

Contact Information:

Luke Westbury
Zoe Couper
Anthony Vita

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