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Archived: The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe: a limited edition illustrated tribute by the macabre Spanish illustrator David G. Forés seeks fund on Kickstarter until the 13th of July. A wonderful limited edition for Poe lovers.

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Play Attitude, Spanish publisher specialized in limited edition illustrated books launches the third campaign on Kickstarter collecting more than 23.000€ on the first days.

Play Attitude has successfully funded 2 projects with more than 130.000$ raised for its limited edition illustrated books.

They release its third Kickstarter ‘The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe’, a beautifully illustrated tribute by David G. Forés.

A large poster, the limited ‘Eureka’ edition, or the slipcased and signed ‘ElDorado’ edition, and 26 originals drawings by David G. Forés, are some of the offered unique rewards.

Barcelona, June, 25, 2015 – There are still 18 days to go for ‘The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe, the latest campaign by Play Attitude on Kickstarter. The project, which aims to publish a beautifully illustrated hardcover ABC of Edgar Allan Poe illustrated by David G. Forés, has raised more than 23.000€ and 240 backers on the first days.

The origin:

David G. Forés went absolutely crazy during his first campaign on Kickstarter to publish the anthology ‘Ravings of love & death’. He couldn’t stop drawing, and his insanity increased by seeing almost 1000 backers supporting his ravings. He did a challenge on Instagram, posting one drawing a day from the 19th of March to the 18th of April last year. At the moment he aims to publish these drawing in the limited edition book. He is also offering 26 originals illustrations, most of them sold out, one with each letter of the alphabet.

The original drawings

The book:

The book features David’s interpretation of the beautiful Annabel Lee, the Masque of the Red Death and other characters from the Poe universe. A total of 26 colored illustrations plus selected quotes, extracts of the tales, trivia of Poe’s life, and peculiarities related to the characters. ‘The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe’ will be available only through Kickstarter, the publisher or the author. No trade edition will be printed.

Two editions available: 'Eureka' and the slipcased 'ElDorado'

The Play Attitude model:

Play Attitude is a small publisher who saw the opportunity to reinvent itself thanks to crowdfunding. According to Naiara, product manager: ’At the moment we have the opportunity to see if people like the books before we publish them. Moreover backers on Kickstarter assess products differently than customers in stores. They value the quality of the product, the quantity produced, or the signature of the author, and they interact with you. We love it because it’s like selling the books one to one’. Since they started on Kickstarter Play Attitude became a global publisher of illustrated gems, serving limited edition book all over the globe.

The Play Attitude team

More information about the Project: ‘The ABC of E.A. Poe – an illustrated tribute: http://kck.st/1L2NXb0

More information about Play Attitude: http://tienda.playattitude.com/

Contact Information:

Naiara Chaler (project coordinator) - naiara@playcreatividad.com
David G. Forés (the illustrator) - david@playattitude.com
Tel. +34 993 435 78 88

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