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Jun 26, 2015 10:42 AM ET

Archived: Small Biz vs. Big Government: play the role of small business owner and experience how intellect, innovation and hard work are marginalized

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 26, 2015

Small Biz vs. Big Government


Will you survive the Fundamental Transformation of America?

A timely new board game, Last Biz StandingTM offers a bold mix of satire, sarcasm and parody that reflects 6+ years of the very destructive and still escalating ‘fundamental transformation of America’ as seen through the eyes and felt through the wallets of small business men and women.

In Last Biz Standing you play the role of small business owner and experience how intellect, innovation and hard work are marginalized by Big Government’s excessive taxation, overregulation, obstructionism, forced redistribution of wealth and expansion of the progressive entitlement ideology. You’ll face tough choices like cancelling employee health insurance; and mass layoffs. And you’ll witness firsthand the battle between a free enterprise system that built our nation and the ‘free stuff’ promised by career politicians bent on tearing it down.

The true paradox of Last Biz Standing is that you’ll have fun and share laughs with your fellow small biz owners while losing your assets for what progressives consider ‘the greater good’.  Fear not though, it’s just a game. We promise it won’t hurt nearly as much as it does in real life.

The ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of Last Biz Standing

Last Biz Standing is a board game created by IP Ingenuity, LLC; an idea incubator and product development small business paradoxically located on the (far) ‘left’ coast.

Call him old school perhaps, but IP Ingenuity’s founder believes in the America that respected the Constitution, honored God, rewarded hard work, expected honesty, demanded personal accountability and allowed every man and woman with initiative and perseverance to start up and run their own business without unreasonable burdens, interference or excessive taxation by their government. He views the ongoing ‘fundamental transformation of America’ as fundamentally destructive to the principles and free market systems that built the United States of America into a true land of opportunity and a magnet for people around the world who came here, willingly assimilated into American culture, worked hard and achieved their personal version of the American Dream.

And, like so many proud Americans, he’s grown increasingly frustrated as the left-leaning media replaces truth and facts with propaganda and spin; and congressmen on both sides of the aisle blatantly refuse to address the real problems with our economy and the destructiveness of increasing the nation’s debt while artificially stimulating crony financial markets by printing unconscionable amounts of funny money.  For the sake of his children and future generations of Americans, this man decided to do something.

The ‘How’ of Last Biz Standing

But how can one American…or two (or more)…possibly break through the liberal media blackout and focus a spotlight on the very real destructive forces that threaten a free market system and the well-being of future generations?

The answer: create Last Biz Standing as a fun but sobering tool for concisely conveying how Big Government is dangerously overstepping its originally conceived purposes and powers. 

Last Biz Standing is…

  • > Fun to play
  • >Seeping with humor, satire and parody
  • >Loaded with real and perhaps slightly embellished examples of how Big Government and progressive ideologies negatively impact small business and the American Dream
  • >Made in America

One test player described Last Biz Standing as a game of Monopoly1 in reverse. And that’s a fair description.  Monopoly, of course, is a game where players attempt to accumulate wealth and assets as they travel around the game board.  With Last Biz Standing it’s just the opposite: all players begin with an equal amount of cash and assets (small businesses); and then systematically lose their ass-ets via taxes, fees and regulations as they navigate the board.  The winner is literally the last biz standing.

Visit the gallery page to view additional images of Last Biz Standing, including descriptive captions.

1Monopoly is a trademark of Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI.

Use of Funds: A Mostly Grass Roots Campaign

Even someone with a Harvard degree knows that testimonials and word-of-mouth are the most effective and efficient ways to communicate the virtues of a product or service.  So we’re embarking on a grass roots campaign to put a sample of Last Biz Standing into the hands of conservative influencers across America. Every individual with a voice that reaches and influences a significant number of like-minded Americans must receive the game.

This FundAnything.com campaign will raise the money needed to identify, target and deliver a sample of Last Biz Standing to influential conservative voices in media, entertainment, politics, business and academia. And a sufficient quantity of games will also be produced to make it available to you, your friends, co-workers and others. In fact, several of the Rewards for donations include one or more games.  Be sure to check them out.

America needs these people AND YOU talking about Last Biz Standing. There is not a website, a magazine, a newspaper or a book that can as concisely convey the absurdity of Big Government the way Last Biz Standing does.  If enough people talk about the message delivered through playing the game, a movement begins.  People will no longer feel disconnected and powerless.  They’ll feel bonded with others and united in the need to restore America to its pedestal of global greatness.  Only by joining together in large numbers can the environment of corruption and self-interest that exists in Washington DC and many state and local governments be changed.


All design and content work for Last Biz Standing is complete and production will begin immediately following this campaign–funds willing. Delivery of fully-assembled and packaged units will begin approximately six weeks later. The grass roots campaign to reach conservative influencers is in development; identifying and targeting planned recipients; stating key talking points; etc.  The campaign will be ready to launch as soon as the games are available.

What YOU Can Do Now

Many people loudly proclaim their disenchantment with the growing progressive movement in America and how Big Government is dangerously overstepping its originally conceived purposes and powers. Few actually DO anything about it. That’s not necessarily a knock on them. After all, it’s tough to find time to travel to Washington and protest when you’re busting your butt to make a living so your tax dollars can support the masses who are quite satisfied parking their behinds on a sofa while waiting for the government check (your tax money) to arrive every week or month.

If you, too, are sickened by the direction our country is heading, frustrated by the feeling of helplessness; simply too busy working to support those who don’t or won’t; or out of work because Big Government taxation and regulations forced your employer to downsize, here are three ways you can make a real difference:

1) Contribute to this Campaign–Your contribution will help get Last Biz Standing into the hands of key conservative influencers; respected men and women who reach millions of like-minded listeners and viewers. We need them talking about the fresh and unique way Last Biz Standing focuses a spotlight on the very real destructive forces that threaten our free market system and the well-being of future generations of Americans.

2) Tell Your Friends, Family and Co-Workers About the Game–You don’t have to be wealthy or have your own TV show to be an influential voice. You’ve got your own audience all around you, so please help spread the word about Last Biz Standing. Like us on Facebook and talk about us throughout your social media network. You can make the Last Biz Standing campaign your own personal ‘restore America’ rallying point! 

What To Do when you Receive Your Game

Once you receive your Last Biz Standing game, the first thing you will naturally do is play it. Up to four people can play, so invite family, friends and/or co-workers to join the game so you can all share a few laughs while trying not to cry when the full absurdity of Big Government’s overreach sets in. The message will be clear, concise and profound: Excessive
taxes.  Suffocating regulations.  Redistribution of wealth.  Penalizing success.  Too small to be ‘too big to fail’. America’s most costly war is being waged at home and the front line casualties include small businesses and job creators.

After the game ends there is a very good chance that you and your fellow players will be ready to take action. Here are a couple of things you can do:

*Share your game with other like-minded people; or buy additional games and get them into the hands of as many people as possible.

*Share your game with friends, family or co-workers who may still have their heads in the sand about the realities of Big Government’s overreach and abuse of power.

*Simply spread the word. Ask people to visit this campaign page or go directly to www.LastBizStanding.com

*Be sure to vote in the upcoming elections. Too many ‘representatives’ on both sides of the aisle and at all levels of government have ceased listening to their constituents and are beholden only to lobbiests and special interests that can fatten their campaign coffers to keep them in their cushy jobs. We the People need to end the insanity that is our current government and restore the United States of America to free market economic prosperity at home. Only then can America regain its position as a world leader, economic and intellectual power, and true defender of freedom everywhere.


Contact Information:

Michael Hogan

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