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Jun 26, 2015 9:29 AM ET

Archived: Help save TheHashtagHERO! Media for heroic people: create media for heroic people though video interviews, world adventures and community interaction

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 26, 2015

Help save TheHashtagHERO! Media for heroic people

Who are we?

I’m Super Ivi, the creator of The Hashtag HERO. My production partner in justice, Alex Hall and I make up the 2 person production team behind the website and social media movement The Hashtag HERO. We create media for heroic people though video interviews, world adventures and community interaction. 

Since we began 2 years ago, we’ve produced over 272 blog posts, 66 videos, and hosted 4 incredible events in New York City.

Our Story

We recognized two years ago that the vast majority of mainstream media was coming from 1 of 2 voices:

  1. A VICTIM: The “We’re doomed, hopeless and everything is horrible!” voice.
  2. A VILLAIN: The “You’re doomed thanks to us. Sorry not sorry” voice.

We didn’t relate to either of these perspectives and it made us question:

Where’s the HERO’s voice? 

These were the questions that inspired us to literally be the change we wanted to see in the world. We chose to become everyday HEROES who’s mission was to bring together the community of likeminded people who agreed with this perspective. 

We then produced our own multimedia channels to promote the heroic voice that went neglected in the mainstream:

  • Preventative
  • Problem solving
  • Self-aware
  • Peace Oriented
  • Action Oriented
  • Empowering 

Since then we’ve inspired countless individuals to:

  • Pursue their epic passions (superpowers)
  • Spring into action locally and globally
  • Use social media for more than just celebrity gossip and foolish trends, but also as a means to unite on greater causes 

Our vision is to create high-quality content for the enjoyment of anyone who relates to living a complete heroic lifestyle both on and off the web.

A life that’s jam packed with adventure, philosophies, healthy foods, new technology, original music, networking events and so much more. 

We’ve been pioneering a concept that’s completely unique, bridging social media with multimedia in a POSITIVE way. 

We’ve gone so far in the last 2 years, but now we’ve reached a conflict. 

The Conflict

Up until now, Alex and I have funded the production of The Hashtag HERO independently through various gigs and odd jobs. 

From personal grocery shopping, to dressing up in a watermelon suit, to taking pictures of parking lots around the city. We’ve gone the extra mile to be able to produce The Hashtag HERO on a part-time basis.

We know now that working The Hashtag HERO in this way can only take us but so far. 

Our superpowers are in creating. If we’re spending the majority of our time only marginally using this power, we are not only holding ourselves back, but the entire movement suffers.


The time spent marginally saving the world could actually be spent interviewing the next great startup, introducing philosophies the world has never seen, or simply connecting with the people who matter most; our HERO community. 

It’s to the point where we’ve got unedited footage piling up, scripts going unused, and heroesWAITING TO BE INTERVIEWED; but between racing around our multiple side jobs we’re barely able to produce 2 videos a week on a consistent basis.

This is causing a lull in our community interaction and viewership. Its also compromises the quality that we know we’re able to deliver!

Help us rise to the next level!

We’re asking for $10,000 to be able to work The Hashtag HERO FULL-TIME for the next 6 months. 



Join Us

If we’re really going to rise to the next level and cultivate a massive global impact its going to take consistent quality content. To deliver this, working The Hashtag HERO full-time is an absolute MUST.

We’ve done so much on a part-time basis, imagine what we can do if we go FULL-TIME for the next half of 2015!?

Unable to contribute right now? You can still help!

Even if you’re unable to contribute money to our 10K goal, you can still be an everyday superhero to us by sharing this campaign! The share is the most powerful tool in the digital world.

If you agreed with anything you saw in our campaign video, PLEASE PASS IT ALONG.

Use #SaveTheHero if you support this message.

Contact Information:

Super Ivi

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