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Jun 26, 2015 5:43 PM ET

Archived: Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits: the passion for leatherwork

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 26, 2015

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits


The story of the project

Hello and welcome to a world of leather DIY kits where everything… “EVERYTHING”…. comes in the box.

Hammered Leatherworks is the brain child of Bec and Adam Fogarty. We are a husband and wife team that eat, breathe and sleep creativity in semi-rural Western Australia.

Hammered Leatherworks was created just over 12 months ago. However for 3 years prior we have been sharing our passion for leatherwork teaching leather craft workshops around Perth, WA. We love nothing more than sharing our knowledge and seeing the happiness that comes from doing it yourself. We decided in order to bring the traditional leather working techniques forward gently into the 21st century, we needed to create a way for everyone to access it. After much discussion and prototyping we took all our savings and invested in a laser cutting machine to turn our dream DIY kits into reality. We can now put the pride of leather DIY in your hands.

We now need your help in going forward. Our first year has been a whirlwind. We have learnt so much, refined our designs and have brought together the best quality hardware, thread and leather on this planet. Something we often say is:

“If your going to take the time to handstitch it, you want it to last forever!”

In order to keep true on this promise we need to use the best leathers we can get our hands on. However in order to keep quality, thickness and colour consistent we need to be able to buy 1000ft of each colour at a time! To give you an idea a cow hide that is 20ft is about the size of an 6-8 person dinner table! Yes, it’s a lot and thats why we are asking for your support.

We have a great relationship with our Perth based leather supplier who has sourced 4 colours from environmentally responsible tanneries just for us (which means they are just for you too): Black, Tan, Khaki and Natural. Each one has distincitve aniline finish meaning it will age well and mould to you. The leathers are ethically produced in Italy and Brazil by family owned companies that also have our same traditional values. You can see our beautiful leathers below.

Why POZIBLE and why now? Pozible because it is all about community and that is also what we are about – connecting you with a leather crafting adventure! There is no time like the present plus we have some awesome NEW mini kits about to launch in August and we want to give you the opportunity to get your hands on them FIRST. There is a super cute triangle coin pouch called ‘Hipster’ and a 3 pocket card wallet named ‘Flip-a-roo’.

By backing our project you are supporting a family owned Australian business with a unique product made in-house. Most importantly you are giving yourself the chance to try something new, innovative and exciting. Let us put the pride of doing it yourself in your hands.

How the funds will be used

The whole amount will be spent on leather. We are hoping that by raising $5,000 it will enable us to buy 1000ft shared over the 4 colours.  Each additional $5,000 we can raise over our goal will allow us to buy an additional 1000ft. Our dream goal would be to have the ability to purchase 1000ft in each of the 4 colours.

Some of my other work

We have a core range of 9 DIY kits that we have designed, tested and proven. These are currently available in our online store and through a dozen boutiques through out Australia. You can see them at hammeredleatherworks.com.au.

You will find detailed instructional videos on the tutorials page of our website. Not sure if your up for the challenge? See our projects come together before your eyes.

If you would like read more about us you can check out the Our Story page on the website.

Last of all there’s always social media right! Nothing like seeing a journey in pictures. You can find us on facebook, Instagram and pinterest. You can also check out projects people have made using the #hammeredleatherworks


Production: Our business is unique. All production is inhouse from folding the boxes to cutting the leather and printing instructions. With a fully equipped workshop and help just a phone call away we run like a well oiled machine.

Time frame: When the campaign ends in mid July we will order the leather which we will receive in early August. All the packaging and hardware is already on hand and production will begin as soon as the leather arrives. My husband and I will be full-time in the workshop for the month of August.

– All product pledges will be mailed out in August.
– Workshops are all set to happen in September when we can take advantage of the spring weather.
– Company sponsorship (150 Key Fob pledge) you will be emailed to organise a timeframe that suits you.

Should any of this change we will be in touch and keep you up to date.

Adam and Bec xo

Postage and Handling

Australia wide regular postage will be FREE.

International postage please contact us before pledging to confirm cost.

Thank you to…

Contact Information:

Rebecca Fogarty

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