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Jun 25, 2015 2:49 PM ET

Susan – The Underground Collaborative Gallery

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 25, 2015

The Underground Collaborative Gallery

Personal Story

My name is Sue, curator of the Underground Collective (U.C.) Gallery located in the Grand Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. I was born in the fabulous ’50s and raised in Milwaukee until my eighth grade year. My parents moved us to the country where the entertainment was sitting on the bank steps with our transistor radios. My spirit has grown into loving wherever I live but, Milwaukee has the action!

I am a mother of three, grandma of six and so much more. A teacher, a middle school principal, a self-taught artist. My husband died suddenly in 2007, since then I have had four big surgeries, including cancer. All of this tragedy drew me into painting. In 2011, I took off my cancer scarf and have experienced many positive things. Art saved my soul and gave me the will to continue on.

I have learned to incorporate my administrative skills with art and became the leader of our U.C. Gallery. My dream is to make the collaborative a success, to promote local artists and to contribute to the resurgence of downtown Milwaukee.

Business Description

The Underground Collaborative began three years ago. My colleague Matt Kemple and two others had a dream of developing an artistic enclave with theater, recording studio, dance studio, art studio and more. That collaboration fell apart. A year and a half ago, I entered the scene. Immediately seeing the potential, I began with installing my work and started planning the Gallery collaborative.

Our mission is to promote local artists both professional and amateur. We draw patrons through Milwaukee Comedy, Matt”s company and through gallery events. I also started a relationship with The Quasimondo Theater, located across from T.J. Max in the Grand Avenue Mall. Making many connections with other theater and art people benefits all of us.

I got seven artists together who are committed to developing a professional gallery. We have a number of challenges. The biggest one and the focus of this loan is to get gallery lighting for the 9,000 square feet in The U.C. Future goals are to renovate the theater and increase attendance for event throughout the entire U.C.

The Art Gallery Collaborative is very proud of the professional advertising our portrait artist created. In four months we sold $1,000 worth of art. We are off to a good start!

What is the purpose of this loan?

Lighting specialist, Allen from Roman Electric and I will design the proper gallery lighting to bring out the color, texture and quality of the art. Patrons have commented through surveys how poor the lighting is and as an artist, I absolutely agree. Fluorescent lighting is horrible for showing art. Professional galleries draw patrons to their art with good and appropriate lighting. Sales increase when the art is installed and lit properly.


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