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Jun 25, 2015 3:51 EST

PhotoSurvey: Smart photos are worth more than a thousand words

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 25, 2015



Markets and Revenue

PhotoSurvey’s target markets include more than 7 million architecture, engineering and construction (“AEC”) professionals, 43 million renter-occupied households, and many more in real estate, insurance, law enforcement, and academia. PhotoSurvey is perfect for any industry where photos are taken and analyzed on a daily basis. PhotoSurvey net revenue for year 3 of v2 is projected at $4M. Interested? Read on.

Why PhotoSurvey Matters

As an architecture and design professional I often take, annotate and share photos of buildings and job sites. Unfortunately, the current process of doing so is costly and slow. Imagine taking a digital camera to a construction site. You take 100 photos. You head back to the office to transfer the photos to a computer. One by one you re-name, add notes and re-save. Finally, you send the photos as e-mail attachments to the project team. Tomorrow, you do it again.

You could either do it the way you always have, or, you could come up with a better, faster solution.

Take Action

The quality of mobile device cameras has significantly increased in the past 2 years. The adoption of such devices by individuals in architecture, design and construction is widespread. For these reasons, I opted for coming up with a better, faster solution. I knew that the process could be made faster, more cost effective, and, most importantly, save individuals and organizations a great deal of money. To prove it, I learned how to develop Web and Android applications and built a prototype called PhotoSurvey. The result? I was right.

Now consider this: there are millions of people in the U.S. alone that could benefit from using PhotoSurvey.

It turns out that the painful photo process mentioned above is used in many industries, including real estate, home and auto insurance, law enforcement, property management and more. For individuals and organizations in these fields, the process is just as costly and time-consuming as it was for me.

Realizing PhotoSurvey could be made into something used by a vast array of industries, I have spent the last 6 months building a company that will in July of 2015 introduce PhotoSurvey to a global market.

$50,000 has been raised to date. With that money, we have contracted two U.S. based development teams to help take what I built for Android to Apple and Web accessible devices. In this release, we will introduce paid plans for individuals, organizations and enterprise-level accounts.


Driven by need, founder learns to develop Android applications and builds first prototype. $0 spent.


$400 total advertising budget proves $.40 user acquisition cost. PhotoSurvey installs from Google Play Store growing daily.


$50K received from angel investor, development companies contracted to take over development on iOS and Web platforms.

APRIL, 2015

Began development on v2 of PhotoSurvey with two of the best server-side and iOS development teams in the country.

APRIL, 2015

University of San Diego School of Business, V2 Pitch Competition Finalist.

APRIL, 2015

Launched three industry specific websites to test pricing models, key words and overall market reaction.

MAY, 2015

Contact Information:

Patrick Caughey
Steve Theriault
Greg Moser

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