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Jun 25, 2015 1:08 PM ET

Diesel TEK, Inc – We make EPA mandates work economically for all heavy-duty diesels

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 25, 2015


Diesel TEK, Inc

We make EPA mandates work economically for all heavy-duty diesels


A lot of things can happen in 30 minutes. But could you reduce cancer-causing emissions by 65% while increasing fuel economy, just within that amount of time?

You can with Diesel TEK, the diesel maintenance products company that repairs the damages done by federally imposed emission control systems for diesel engines by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The EPA may be on a mission to look out for the environment, but some of its processes wind up hurting as much as they’re helping.

The first system re-introduces dirty exhaust back into the engine to control oxides of nitrogen. This “Exhaust Gas Recirculation” (EGR) device was mandated for all on-road diesel vehicles in 2004.

The device has led to severe consequences: diesel engines that would have lasted for one million miles before the mandate are now struggling to last 500-700,000 miles. The EGR system overloads the engine with soot, which is abrasive and causes engine and component failures.

In 2007, diesel vehicles were federally mandated to use a “Diesel Particulate Filter.” This new device restricts the exhaust that drives down fuel economy. Increasing fuel consumption that taxes our natural resources. More fuel consumption drives up the cost of goods for people around the country. Every consumable item found on the shelf of a grocery or department store was brought to that store by a diesel powered truck.

Despite the EPA’s attempt to lessen harmful emissions, diesel engines are left to perform with lowered fuel economy and a much higher cost per mile that is ultimately passed on to the end consumer. This is why the cost of your groceries and consumer goods continue to rise in cost. 

 Meanwhile, two facts are left hovering over the atmosphere:


Diesel TEK was born directly for the purpose of counteracting the EPA’s mess while truly solving the problem of diesel pollution.

On the market, no such machine exists to reverse the damages that EPA mandates have imposed. Until now that is. Our flagship product, the CL-8 engine flush machine, creates a closed-loop cleaning system that removes soot, sludge and all of the other contaminates from the inside of a diesel engine.

Complimenting the amazing results from our engine flush machine, our fuel treatment lubricates, adds a higher detergent value and causes diesel fuel to burn longer.

The engine flush and fuel treatment process takes less than 30 minutes and restores the engine operation to a new operating state. By removing all of the lube oil contaminates, the engine now has proper lubrication where it needs it.


Our system is easy to use and is compatible with existing maintenance routines found throughout the diesel service industry today. If a technician can drain the engine oil and remove the oil filter, he or she can easily operate our equipment.

Our Products
While we have an array of products to offer the wallet- and environmentally-conscious diesel vehicle operator, such as service kits and catalytic boosters, our main products include our engine flush service and fuel treatment.

Engine Flush Service
Our Engine Flush Service is a closed-loop cleaning system that removes soot and sludge from inside your diesel engine. It is the size of a mail box and is on wheels, which makes it easy to move around your workspace. Just plug it in and adjust the setting depending on what service is decided, static or dynamic.


  • Static service —splashing, soaking, evacuation, 21 minutes
  • Dynamic service — more advanced flushing, adds 10 minutes more

Fuel Treatment
Our special fuel treatment lubricates your diesel engine and adds a higher detergent value to allow fuel to burn longer and more efficiently.

“A clean engine operates at peak performance”


At Diesel TEK, we know that a quality product takes patience, hard work and validation testing. That is why we have invested years and resources into developing our primary product, the engine flush machine, knowing that with great care, its abilities can change the environment as we know it.

Hard work pays off. Diesel TEK has utilized over $7 million for research and development. Now, after thousands of in-field demonstrations with industry leaders, we are moving to market our service program and products. In the laboratory, our results have gone far beyond expectations. In fact, one long-distance trucker with a Diesel Particulate Filter has experienced more than 15% fuel mileage savings.

First Sale
We made our first sale to a company that develops diesel performance products and generates $1 million in revenue monthly.

Industry leaders have expressed interest in using Diesel TEK technology in their trucks. In addition, Swift Trucking, Speedco, 7-Up, FleetPride, and select Peterbilt and Kenworth dealers have taken notice of Diesel TEK’s unique solution to EPA damages and are excited about the possibility of being a Diesel TEK customer once we have proper funding to produce our product.

We are covered by industry-wide international patents.


Eric Wheeler, CEO, Co-Founder, Head of Sales and Chief Executive
Eric is proud to say that he has spent 20 years in emission reduction research and solutions. He directed new product development at Enviro-Fuels, Inc. and has also served as an advisor to the Board of Directors of (ATG) American Technologies Group Inc., a publicly traded environmental company. At ATG, Mr. Wheeler stepped in as Vice President of Sales and reported directly to Mr. Lawrence J. Brady, CEO & Chairman of the Board, who is the former United States Secretary of Commerce.

Todd Butts, CTO, Co-Founder, Head of Product Development & Testing
Todd has been a master mechanic for over 25 years, working with diesel and aviation vehicles. He has 15 year of experience in US Army fleet management operations covering all vehicles from Hummers to   M-1 Tanks. His vast experience has propelled Diesel TEK to reach peak developments.

William Moon, CFO, CFA, Finance, Accounting & Corporate Strategy
William has 30 years of experience in finance. He is a professional research analyst for venture and market investments. He worked with Ken Gerbino & Company, a money management company in Beverly Hills where he was the leading gold and precious metals analyst with responsibilty for investments in the Pacific Rim and the U.S. equity markets. He is honored to put his talents to use for Diesel TEK’s mission.

Contact Information:

Eric Wheeler
Todd Butts
William Moon

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