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Jun 25, 2015 8:21 AM ET

Archived: Cornerstone: for men to have a smooth, comfortable shave – delivering high quality razors & shaving supplies on a flexible, personalised schedule to their members

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 25, 2015



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The Idea

Hi, we’re Cornerstone and we’re here to shake up the world of men’s shaving.

For most men, shaving is a pretty unpleasant daily chore. You wake up, quickly drag a blunt razor across your face (because you forgot to pick up a fresh pack from the shops the day before) and you end up with sore, irritated skin. Well, we think enough is enough – we’re here to make things better.


The Product

The first thing we’ve done is develop a range of seriously good quality products that give a really smooth, comfortable shave. Of course, we would say they’re great, but the industry experts agree – that’s why we were just named Best Razor in the 2015 Shortlist Grooming Awards, beating all the big brands into second place (not bad considering we only launched in June 2014).



The second thing we’ve done is set up a free, personalised delivery service, where we’ll automatically re-stock your bathroom cupboard for you. Just go onto our website – tell us which products you’d like, how often you shave, and we’ll make sure you never run out – sending a box in the post whenever you’re getting low on shaving supplies. The result? You’ll never have to remember (or forget) to buy razors again. It’s like a subscription, just a lot more flexible.


Membership Base

We launched in June 2014, and like any new start-up, we’ve worked hard to spread the word about what we’re doing. It seems to have paid off – by Christmas 2014, we had 1,200 members, and at the end of May 2015 we had nearly 5,000! We’re also lucky to have a low cancellation rate, suggesting that when men try our products, they get a better shave and are keen to stick with us.



On the back of the great response we’ve had from both our members and the media, we’re now looking to raise more investment. Since launch, we have raised over £360k in start-up capital – we’re now looking for an additional £500k (£200k of which has already been pledged by the existing investors) so we can carry on spreading the word and grow even faster!


Contact Information:

Oliver Bridge
Will Hobhouse
Tom Herman
Leon Barrett
Richard Fifield

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