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Jun 25, 2015 10:00 AM ET

Archived: Cocked-A Badass short film by Courtney and Noelle: A short film about Karen and Blake, a hit-woman team, who must kill their mark without killing their friendship

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 25, 2015

Cocked-A Badass short film by Courtney and Noelle

F&F is creating a short film about two badass hit-women

If you’ve ever had a best friend, been in love, grown up, made a tough decision, dug a really big hole, or been a hit-woman… this movie is for you.

Why hit-women? As actors, we’ve become tired of the stereotypes we see again and again in casting calls: “Pretty but down to earth” or “The girl next door with a killer bod”. Male role descriptions are most often centered around personality, and allow for a wider acceptance of unpopular characteristics. We’ve taken matters into our own hands and created Flashes and Floaters Productions and wrote Cocked as our first short film. We took a typical male trope and turned it on its head critiquing it while still enjoying it.

Making a film is hard. Wow! There’s so much to do, so many people to pay, and not enough money to do it…on our own. In an ideal world, we would live in a society where we all support each other’s inspired projects and make it our responsibility to help creators make their dreams a reality. We’re so grateful that Kickstarter exists for this reason. It has given us a platform to reach out to our communities so that together we can all take this film off the page and onto the screen.  

The Cocked Team: 

Courtney Renee Stallings

This writer and star of Cocked shines like the sun*. Backed by an MFA in Acting and ready to kill(on the big screen).

Whether Courtney is acting, writing, or eating, she’s doing it well. She grew up in the theatre, and since moving to New York has worked on several films and a commercial or two. Her endeavor in making Cocked is to inspire girls, women, and girly-women to write their own rules and create the roles they want to play that nobody will cast them in for any of the following reasons: too short, ethnically confusing, not sexy enough, crooked teeth, small breasts, not feminine enough, frizzy hair, huge breasts, weird moles, too butch, too old, too fat, too skinny, not cute. 

Courtney Renee Stallings
Courtney Renee Stallings

*Actual in-person shine may vary.

Noelle Stewart

Summertime and the living is easy–really easy.* Just like this on-trend writer and star of Cocked. Supported by an MFA in Acting and years of experience.

Noelle Stewart has been a freelance producer for over 5 years. She started by working with the Documentary Foundation where she was in charge of securing funding for a PBS tv series. She went on to produce projects for Carrie Shaltz and The Shaltzes including music videos, photo shoots, and commercials. She most recently helped produced a tour of the YouTube show And She Bakes in LA, San Francisco, and New York City. Noelle has also been acting in film and theatre for over 10 years. Noelle is passionate about women in film, and creating roles that show women can be and do anything.

Noelle Stewart
Noelle Stewart

 *Actual easiness varies depending on alcohol consumption.

Alex Chinnici

Our dreams came true when Alex signed on to shoot Cocked. Check out his bad-ass* reel: 

Christian Kelly-Sordelet

Bully got you down? This multipurpose fight choreographer from New Jersey can beautifully fulfill multiple functions, and he’s also budget conscious. 

Christian Kelly-Sordelet*
Christian Kelly-Sordelet*

 *Actual Christian comes in color.

Theo Seaman 

Love the sound of sound? We couldn’t agree more. The amazing Theo has signed on to make original music for the film!

Theo Seaman*
Theo Seaman*

 *Beer not included. 


We have already gained partial funding by a generous and supportive donor. That’s why you’re seeing higher costs listed than the goal we’ve set.  

  • Cast & Crew: $3650
  • Props & Wardrobe: $300
  • Equipment: $3700
  • Post-production: $4500

    1. Where is my money going?
    Great question. Your money is going towards all parts of the production.
    First and foremost to pay the actors, DP, fight choreographer, sound
    guy, grips, lighting guy, editor, and rental equipment. Not to mention set
    pieces and food for everyone. On the back end your money is also going
    towards our Editor and various submissions for festivals.

    2. How do I place my order?
    Just click the green button that says “Back this Project” on the right
    hand side of your screen.

    3. When will my order arrive?
    We expect to film in July and hope to have a fully edited short film by
    December 2015 to then submit to festivals around the world. This
    extended date gives us plenty of time for reshoots and other problems
    that might occur along the way. Fulfillment on your specific rewards can
    be found listed under said rewards.

    4. Do you accept all major credit cards?
    Why yes, of course we do. You’re money is helping fuel this incredible
    project and we’ll take it anyway we can get it.

Contact Information:

Flashes and Floaters Productions

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