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Jun 25, 2015 9:42 AM ET

Archived: Bielet Inc / Goji Smart Lock : Gives you complete control over access to your home

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 25, 2015

Bielet Inc / Goji Smart Lock

Gives you complete control over access to your home


At Bielet Inc, we have developed the Goji Smart Lock, which is a technologically advanced, beautifully designed smart lock that gives you complete control over access to your home using your mobile phone. Our Goji Smart Lock is distinguished by its sleek, sophisticated design and its unique ability to send you real-time picture alerts via text or email of the individuals accessing your home. 

Our crowdfunding raise from June 4th – August 3rd, 2013 far surpassed our goal of $120,000, amassing $313,457 in pre-sales of the Goji system.  Since then, we’ve added preorder funtionality to our website and we continue to generate strong sales on both the Goji Smart Lock and newly released Goji Fobs.


The Goji Smart Lock was first conceptualized when Bielet founder Gabriel Bestard-Ribas realized that the two objects he carried with him each day — his smartphone and keys — were worlds apart.  Where his phone had advanced dramatically in recent years, his keys were essentially using technology that was centuries old.  What if his phone could be used to replace physical keys with digital ones?

Recognizing that smartphone penetration was growing dramatically, and along with it, the market potential for smart-home technology and connected devices, Gabriel got to work developing the Goji Smart Lock. Beyond simply using a smartphone to operate a lock, he designed Goji to be much more: a way to fully manage, control and monitor access to one’s home. The Goji Smart Lock provides increased security, information and convenience in a beautiful, elegantly designed device.

Since then, the Bielet team has done extensive research to understand how consumer needs and behaviors will impact the smart lock market. The resulting technology is our solution to all issues surrounding home access and control.


Users can interact with the Goji Smart Lock in any of three ways:

The Goji mobile app

A programmable Bluetooth Low Energy Fob (similar to a
car remote)

A traditional mechanical key backup


The Goji Mobile App
A complete, interactive and personalized access system at your fingertips. 

Receive picture alerts via app or text when someone is at your door

View a real-time log of all access (also available in an online account)

Automatically unlock the door as you approach from the outside, and automatically lock the door after you enter or leave

Manage your Goji Smart Lock from anywhere in the world – grant others access via text or email, control the time and date access is available,
         and more

Goji Fobs
Designed to be both beautiful and powerful, our fobs can hold an unlimited number of digital keys.

Give them to children, family or friends who don’t own modern smartphones

Loan them to babysitters, housekeepers, or contractors and control the date and time of access 

Increased security: Fobs are very resistant to duplication, and if lost, simply revoke access. No need to rekey or change the lock


In addition, we provide our users with a range of other services to complement their Goji Smart Locks. We will have DIY installation videos on our site, a 24/7 call center ready to answer questions, and a certified network of locksmiths that can be dispatched to help.



Homeowners can install Goji with ease, as it fits into the same size hole as a normal deadbolt, uses the same hardware, and doesn’t require any external electrical wiring like other smart locks on the market. Goji is battery-powered and has an approximate battery life of one year for a family of four; it alerts you when the batteries are running low. Goji is pick and bump resistant and has a lifetime mechanical warranty. 


We have implemented cutting edge technology to ensure that Goji Smart Locks add convenience to our customers’ lives, and not another tech headache. 

The Goji Smart Lock uses both WiFi and Bluetooth LE, using minimal energy to perform a wide range of functions. With WiFi, the Goji can be managed from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet access. Bluetooth LE functionality will work even if the WiFi goes down, and since the Goji uses batteries, it will work even if the power goes out.  

We have also added Zigbee capability, making it compatible with a wide range of home automation providers. 


Since Goji first came into the public eye in June, we have continued to make incredible strides, quickly becoming a global competitor in the smart lock market. 

  • We raised over $313K in pre-sales in 60 days through a crowdfunding raise
  • Since August, we have received pre-sales via our website to take us well on our way to our 2013 sales goal of $450K
  • We have signed integration agreements with iControl, the plaform over which Comcast Xfinity and Time Warner Cable distribute their home automation services; Control4, the first home automation service to have an integration agreement with the Nest Thermostat; and Savant with home automation kiosks at Best Buy-Magnolia Stores

  • We are actively engaged in discussions with Honeywell, Crestron and Elan

  • We have signed an agreement with Verizon Innovation Lab to develop a new generation of Locks with direct data transmission over wireless networks.

  • Goji has a signed a deal with Staples as its first retailer and is actively engaged in discussions with Home Depot and Walmart regarding distribution arrangements.

  • Goji will be distributed online at Amazon.com, Build.com and NewEgg.com

  • We are also in discussions with international distributors, independent hotels, wholesalers and locksmiths
  • We have filed two patents and are in the process of filing three more
  • We also have gained considerable attention from a wide variety of media outlets, and have appeared in a national broadcast on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.
  • We are the recipient of the 2013 Engadget+gdgt Live in New York Startup Award
  • We were a Top 20 finalist among thousands of entries in Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” contest




Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, CEO & Founder, has more than 14 years of experience in leading innovative projects in the digital space. Prior to founding Bielet in May 2011, he worked with Danone in Barcelona as VP Digital and Social CRM Business Strategist. Under his leadership, Danone launched the first social CRM in Spain, and achieved 800,000 registered household users in just one year. He won the National Marketing Award in Innovation in 2011, and the Danone Marketing Award in 2010. He has also worked with Wunderman, OgilvyOne Worldwide, TradeInteriors.com and many more.

Lloyd Seliber, VP of Product, has more than 30 years’ experience in the lock industry. Lloyd founded Keying Solutions, a provider of project management and other specialized services for key systems. He also previously served as senior-level product manager at DORMA Architectural Hardware, and as Sales Manager and Business Development Manager at Ingersoll-Rand Security
                                     and Safety.

Steven Bakondi, VP Engineering, is a senior software engineer and systems architect with more than 15 years of systems development experience and more than five years of technical leadership experience in security user interface and hardware development. Prior to Bielet, he worked as a consultant to MTV, developing and maintaining the search infrastructure for 80 web properties including MTV.com, CMT.com, VH1.com and MTVJapan.com. Steven also served as development lead at Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco.

Contact Information:

Gabriel Bestard-Ribas
Lloyd Seliber
Steven Bakondi

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