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Jun 24, 2015 5:45 PM ET

Theatre Live and Re-Play: to film and create new documentation to be shared online with the whole world

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 24, 2015

Theatre Live and Re-Play

Odin Teatret/Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, a theatre group which has existed for 50 years, is starting a crowdfunding campaign to improve its web TV live channel “Odin Teatret Live Streaming” and pay-per-view platform. The aim is to film and create new documentation (of workshops, work demonstrations, rehearsals, events, interviews) to be shared online with the whole world. 

How we started and what’s next
In 2014 Odin Teatret Film created “Odin Teatret Live Streaming” to share Clear Enigma – the performance prepared especially for the 50th anniversary – with all Odin Teatret’s Secret People spread around the world who could not be present on the occasion. Despite the artisanal standard of the experiment, numerous virtual spectators followed the streaming both during and after the event itself. We received positive and generous acknowledgements by email, live chats and through the social networks. Encouraged by this unexpected response, the team of Odin Teatret Film plans to develop this initiative to keep in contact with artists, scholars and spectators who have a regular dialogue with Odin Teatret and all those interested in our current work. 

We aim

  • To increase the proposals of the contents of the web live TV channel, adding broadcast events and making them more interactive with the viewers;
  • to share material online and in real-time with as many people as possible and wherever they are in the world;
  • to enhance the quality of our live streaming and guarantee an HD broadcast quality up to date with current standards, upgrading our technical equipment and adding the instruments necessary for live streaming shooting at exterior venues;
  • to supervise and protect the diffusion of the material improving our websites.

How it works
We will always broadcast our live events and our pre-recorded videos for free. After After three days we will put the documents in our archive leaving an extract of the event for free on the Web TV page. The full version of the events will be available on our PayPerView platform. Special access will be available for those who support us through this crowdfunding campaign (see the rewards below). 
 We will broadcast 4 different types of documentation:

  • Live Streaming: documentation in real time of current activities at Odin Teatret (see the programme).
  • Films: a selection of published films will be shown online including Odin Teatret performances, Odin Teatret training and work demonstrations, Odin Teatret barters and travels (the first Monday of each month, see the programme).
  • A Taste from the Archives: a selection of historical unpublished documents from Odin Teatret Archives.
  • News: videos and interviews shown online for the first time, concerning work in progress, projects and collaborations (the first Wednesday of each month, programme to be defined). 

To achieve all this we need to raise € 30,000
This amount would pay for the first phase of our project in 2015 and put the base for the future. Every contribution, small or large, will be useful to achieve our aim.

Contact Information:

Odin Teatret Film
Theatre Live & Re-Play Team

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