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Jun 24, 2015 7:26 PM ET

Archived: The Best Workout Shirt Ever Made. Guaranteed: Performance apparel scientifically tested and proven to outperform Nike, Under Armour, & Adidas. Stay 30% cooler & drier. Guaranteed

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 24, 2015

The Best Workout Shirt Ever Made. Guaranteed.


Using revolutionary CoolCore powered technology, our shirts utilize the moisture from your body to create a prolonged cooling and excelled drying effect never seen before.

AutoCooling Technology In Action. 140 Degrees to 60 Degrees Real Quick.
AutoCooling Technology In Action. 140 Degrees to 60 Degrees Real Quick.

Outfitted to Outperform

The uniquely engineered fabric uses a multiplicity of fibers that create a capillary system, wicking away moisture from the skin, circulating the moisture throughout the entire garment, and regulating the rate of evaporation before releasing the molecules into the atmosphere. The fibers, coupled with a proprietary fabric construction, provide maximum cooling capability beyond what today’s leading competitive fabrics exhibit.



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The Best in Every Test: Our CoolCore powered fabric has been up against every leading sportswear brand in the world at the legendary Hohenstein Institute in Germany. In every instance, our shirts outperformed every major brand in cooling power, drying power, and wet cling/comfort testing. We may not be Nike or Under Armour yet, but we can guarantee that you’ll get a shirt that will keep you cooler, drier, and more comfortable than any other.

With more than twice the stretch built into the seam, our shirts use ActiveSeam® stitching that is proven to fit the human body better without restricting athletic movement. When compared to traditional 6-thread Flatlock seam with identical thread, fabric, and SPI, our ActiveSeam 2 & 3-thread seams are 30% stronger and have the ability to stretch 100% further.

Click the photo below for more info on the ActiveSeam Stitch.

Sivil is a collaboration between two brothers from Youngstown, Ohio and a group of scientists who have developed the most advanced performance fabric ever made. We wanted to create something better than the rest, and we believe we’ve done it with our first line of shirts.

The Problem

Innovation in performance apparel has become stagnant. The current selection of performance apparel out there relies on harmful chemicals to protect against sweat and heat, and do a mediocre job at best. We wanted to create something a level above the rest, so we cut out the chemicals and resorted to advanced engineering to deliver the most functional and technologically advanced performance shirt ever developed.

The Solution

Performance apparel should be focused on exactly that – performance. Our goal was to create a brand that’s sole mission was to make athletes everywhere better, so we set out to create the most technologically advanced, versatile, functional shirt ever made. 

To do this, we partnered with the best to create the best. The scientists and developers at CoolCore have developed and patented a fabric technology that has literally tested better than every major performance fabric on the market. We worked hand-in-hand with them to to integrate this revolutionary tech into a series of lightweight performance apparel fabric and sourced some of the most amazing manufacturers here in the United States to cut and sew our shirts. 

We’re proud to launch our Kickstarter campaign to offer these amazing shirts to Kickstarter and athletes around the world. We’ve been working out in our shirts for months now and love them, and we know you’ll love them, too. Your support is essential, and we thank each and every one of you for taking the time to check out our campaign.

Using a patented combination of uniquely constructed fibers, Sivil’s CoolCore powered fabric delivers three distinct functions to reduce the fabric’s surface temperature up to 30 percent.

1. Moisture Wicking    2. Moisture Circulation     3. Regulated Evaporation

Due to increased evaporation and ability to prevent saturation and clinging, our shirts will keep you drastically drier than any other.

 Production & Delivery Schedule

Our Friends

The Titan Mixer Bottle: If you workout, you NEED this bottle. The TITAN Mixer Bottle is the “World’s Most Revolutionary Mixer Bottle”. No more shaking, clumps, or mess! TITAN Mixer bottle is the first no-shake, easy-to-clean mixer bottle.. Get yours via their Kickstarter by clicking the photo below!

Don’t Be Anti-Social

As with any project, there are always risks and challenges. While we’ve partnered with the most well respected shipping partners in the world, challenges still may arise that are out of our control, i.e. the port workers strike earlier this Spring. In the event of any shipping delay, we promise to give our backers DAILY updates on the process and anticipated delivery date.

Thankfully, by using American manufacturers, we’re able to talk to our factories daily and have the advantage of higher quality control. If any problem with manufacturing arises, we are able to take care of it and rectify any issue in minimal time.

We promise to keep our backers up to date one every step of the process and to answer all questions and concerns within 24 hours.



Contact Information:

Will and Vince Simon

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