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Jun 24, 2015 9:51 AM ET

Archived: FULLER-FUEL LTD: the new fuel of choice thanks to its low emissions and now Fuller-Fuel Ltd needs to get that fuel into more vehicles by investing in filling stations

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 24, 2015


Fuller-Fuel Ltd is a rapidly growing biofuel/biodiesel manufacturer and supplier with an established, self-sustaining operation already in place in the North West of England which can supply on a massive scale with the right funding.

The 4-year-old company handles every aspect of the process, from manufacturing the fuel at its headquarters in Widnes, to selling direct to members of public and companies from its three outlets in Widnes, Aintree and Swinton.

It has invested heavily in its manufacturing facilities, giving it the ability to produce over 30,000 litres of biodiesel every day (11 million litres a year). However, the company doesn’t currently use its manufacturing facilities to full capacity due to only having three fueling stations.

Demand for the fuel in the UK is growing as drivers lean towards the more environmentally, cost-effective fuel source which provides up to a 90% reduction in harmful emissions compared to normal diesel.

Fuller-Fuel’s sales have continued to rise month-on-month for the past 4 years and the company is currently selling45,000 litres of fuel a month worth £50,000 in sales (£3,300 profit). Obviously there is significant room for growth given the business’s manufacturing capabilities.

A loan investment of £110,000 over 60 months will ensure the company – with its proven product and market – can serve more customers, thus maximising sales. What’s more, because the company already has the ability to manufacture at such a high capacity, new investment will go directly towards generating profitability.

Purpose of Loan

With £110,000 loan investment, the company will add two additional outlets in the North West before adding more to help the business become one of the industry’s leading competitors. This will help sales reach over 1 million in 2016 and £1.3 million in 2017 with profits of £111,325 and £182,410 respectively.

The business already has some of the equipment necessary for the opening of the two new outlets. The funding will help it purchase additional assets such as fuelling pumps.

Management Experience

Fuller-Fuel Ltd was established in 2011 by Paul Fullerton, the company director. Since then, he along with his members of staff/technicians have gained vast amounts of knowledge and experience within the biofuel industry, thus now making Fuller-Fuel Ltd a major player within the biofuel industry.

Why lend to us?

The company has seen year-on-year revenue growth. Sales alone from 2013-2014 grew by a staggering 25% as the thirst for the low-emission fuel grows alongside the publics understanding how it is beneficial to the environment. With the addition of two new outlets opened in March this year, sales are predicted to increase up to 35% to £814,058 for year end 2015.


Contact Information:

Paul Fullerton

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