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Jun 24, 2015 11:56 AM ET

DrChart – Developer: Click IT Labs- DrChart is a developing patent pending patient..

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 24, 2015


DrChart – Developer: Click IT Labs

DrChart is a developing patent pending patient


Create medical reports rapidly with DrChart

DrLink (recently renamed “DrChart” – to better describe the product) is based on a new patent-pending methodology for enabling the rapid creation of electronic medical reports by gesturing onto a touch-screen containing a dynamic library of medical terms and phrases.  It is radically more efficient than current methods and has already shown to allow physicians much more time for their patients. The implications for the medical industry on the whole are staggering. In the future, hospital systems will find that in implementing DrChart, in every aspect of care-giving, time and money is saved.

“Finally, a solution to difficulties in charting.”

With DrChart, medical reports can be written quickly, easily and accurately, while the software tracks patient insurance reimbursement and potential risk levels.

Watch a side-by-side comparison between DrChart and a current method for creating the same medical report. Click here.

DrChart aids doctors, scribes and PAs, so they can spend less time on paperwork and more time with their patients.


With the mandated Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program, doctors have been scrambling to convert and record patient history, diagnoses and treatment responses to an electronic format. As physicians’ work turns clerical, patients constantly feel neglected with a monitor screen always standing between them and their caregiver.

Today, there are no efficient, easy-to-learn and use systems that provide a practical solution to this very apparent problem.

DrChart revolutionizes the recording of the encounter between doctors and patients, so doctors can focus on their patients while executing their job fluidly, efficiently and elegantly.


DrChart’s patent pending “language assembly engine” technology makes the job of recording a patient encounter much easier. Based on information previously inserted by experts, the application offers a platform of smart phrases, medical terms and template sentences which align with specific medical specialties. Using an iPad or tablet, the doctor makes selections over terms and phrases as they converse with their patient. DrChart will generate and store the medical report, in their terms, quickly and eloquently.  Plus, this software will seamlessly integrate with pre-existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, keeping track of the patient’s history while saving time, reducing risks and improving care. With DrChart, physicians can:

Optimize time, maximize efficiency and lower costs

Maximize reimbursement

Minimize risks

Easily insert created reports into any existing EHR system

Overall, DrChart improves the interaction between doctors and patients, thus enhancing the quality of patient care while lowering the expense of providing it.


The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Metro Health and more are all interested and potential customers of DrChart, plus thousands of frustrated doctors in need of a solution to the difficulties they deal with daily.

A DrChart prototype has been informally reviewed by several large hospital institutions, including University Hospitals and The Cleveland Clinic, as well as numerous doctors and medical professionals. The feedback is unanimously and outstandingly positive. The advantages DrChart will offer the medical community are obvious and urgently needed.

The team is developing additional products that cater to all medical specialties in addition to emergency and internal medicine, so DrChart will enhance the physician-patient relationship across the board.


 DrChart’s* innovative “click or swipe” … is an outstanding feature accomplished with much greater ease than with the traditional keyboard/mouse systems.”

– Curt Birchall, M.D. – Former ED Chairman, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH

 DrChart* is intuitive, because it is written by a practicing Emergency Room Physician for Physicians. It allows the user to interface with EPIC directly, providing very detailed notes that are not ‘cookie cutter’.”

– Glenn W. Ray M.D., Chairman of Emergency Medicine, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Boardman Campus, Boardman, OH

 What impressed me most was how user-friendly and fast it was. With a point and click, one can easily navigate the screen options and make changes as one goes along.”

– Ken Latchis, M.D., FACEP, Former ED Chairman, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D.C.

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* NOTE: DrChart has been substituted for DrLink. (The new name “DrChart” better describes the product, thus the name charge.)


Al Harlow, Business, Technology & Product Development Partner

Al Harlow oversees DrChart’s business and product development and has taken on the responsibility for raising capital during its early stages. As a seasoned entrepreneur and holder of nearly a dozen patents, Al has forged the start-up of numerous businesses based on new products he and his team has developed. A graduate from the University of Colorado with a BA in economics, he was an early adapter of new computing technology, starting new businesses propelled by new consumer, technical and industrial products he conceived based on observations and experience.  His experience guiding the development of DrLink, is in building a company which sells web portal access licenses to hundreds of Universities and institutions nationwide. The business model DrLink is entering into is identically similar and can be easily just as successful if not widely more so.





Kurt Hering, CTO & Lead Developer, leads the development

 team of 5 developers.



Dr. John Maxfield, Advisor

A graduate of Dartmouth College with honors, Dartmouth Medical school and an MBA for Health  Care from George Washington University, John has had a wide variety of experience in health care as an emergency medicine physician and internist. Professional honors include “Emergency Physician of the Year” and a long history of experience with a variety of hospital systems, including Georgetown University Hospital, University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, Newport Hospital,Alexandria Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, St. Elizabeth Health Center, University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, Taunton-Somerset NHS Trust (in Somerset, England), and Lake Health System.

Contact Information:

Kurt Hering

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