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Jun 23, 2015 12:55 PM ET

Archived: The Terrace at Macaulay Honors: The Terrace at Macaulay Honors is a green roof project that will be located at the flagship building of the CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2015

The Terrace at Macaulay Honors



the project

There are many problems the Terrace will address, including the lack of green spaces incorporated into urban buildings, carbon emissions, Urban Heat Island Effect, and high building energy costs. The garden will also serve to as a resource of fresh vegetables for charities that alleviate New York hunger. Finally, The Terrace will also help to address the lack of environmental education opportunities for students of lower education levels, like those in high school.

the steps

The first step needed in constructing The Terrace at Macaulay Honors is obtaining a structural evaluation of the building to determine how much weight can be put on it. Currently, there is substantial visual structural support for the patio where the garden will be located, so a sound structural report will not be an issue. The next step would be a coordinated, logistically sensible construction sequence over a period equaling one month. The patio will be first prepared for the growing trays through lining it with pre-manufactured green roof liner. The growing trays would then be installed on top of the liner. Then, specially-ordered soil will be delivered and poured into the trays. Once completed, plants can be planted and the area will then be ready for finishing accouterments, like benches and tables.

why we’re doing it

A garden itself is naturally suited to reduce carbon emissions and reduce carbon footprint. It also reduces heating and cooling costs for the building it is on. By function, it increases green space and functions as an environmental benefit and a wonderful, park-like retreat for the entirety of the Macaulay Honors College to enjoy. However, its environmental impact cannot be limited just to those in the college. Because New York has more than environmental problems, it is proposed to donate the vegetables and herbs grown on the Terrace to organizations that can use them to feed the homeless, for example. Practices like this extend the reach of the project and impact more people in the surrounding area. Lastly, it is planned to introduce students of lower education levels, like those in high school, to the garden and use it as an educational outreach tool. This peer-to-peer mentoring opportunity for the garden and for the students of the Macaulay Honors College will help further bring together the college and the surrounding community.

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The Terrace at Macaulay Honors

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