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Jun 23, 2015 7:37 PM ET

Archived: Ramadan and Eid in Gaza: to help the people here in Gaza!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2015

Ramadan and Eid in Gaza



Assalmu Alaykum,

Im back with new campaign to help the people here in Gaza! Many of you know me as aunt of Bardar.Last year i was not knowing about these platforms,during war i wished to help but was not knowing how to do.i came to know after war.

this time,i know the way and have confidence that people will help me,like they did before in my old campaigns to support my sister son surgery.

Ramadan of 2014 for the people of Gaza was a very difficult and deadly,Israeli soldiers were continuously attacking in Gaza, bombing and targeting innocent
men, women, children, and the elderly.

Families were living with fear.If any male was going outside,then there was no guarantee that person will come back safe.My Sister lost husband in this
situation,he was going to mosque for salat,but never came back.

A Palestinian will never forget ramadan 2014,almost every family lost someone they love.

Ramadan 2015 is not same but the effects of last year war can be seen in each and every family,condition is not bad but worse.there is no food,no medicine, no money no work…even Employees of Gaza government did not receive their salaries from many months,they can barely meet their families’ needs.

But,YOU can make a difference to the people here in Gaza who are in a worse situation.People are struggling for daily food.Most people are without a job, without an income, and will struggle for iftaar, and suhoor.

By this campaign I specially want to support such families who don;t have any Males left in family.because those who have males,they can go out to find foods.but its extremely hard for those who don;t have males.

Help us help the people of Gaza this year, by donating to provide food parcels, iftaars and meat distribution to the needy people.

The point is, all people are in need and will get help through your kind donations.

Make this Ramadan for the people in Gaza happy and easy.Give as if you were giving for your own family. Allah will reward you with the best in the hereafter in shaa Allah for all your kindness.

Note :  i want to let you know that i specially want to send support in the last 10 days of Ramadan.In starting days of ramadan evry family get some food,but during last days of ramadan,its difficult for families to get food,specially those who don;t have males with them.these funds will be used to support such families.this will help them in eid also.Let them know,they are not alone.

i really don;t know,i will get any help,however as i believe in Allah,
so i hope those who love Allah,will surely help us,

Contact Information:

Sonber Iqbal

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