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Jun 23, 2015 8:54 AM ET

Archived: Great British Sauce Company: a range of quality sauces inspired by modern British flavours

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2015

Great British Sauce Company

Great British Sauce Company

“Great Food Loves Proper Sauce”

In just a year our initial range of sauces has achieved distribution in over 1,000 stores across the UK. Is stocked by major UK retailers Sainsbury’s and Asda. Achieved international sales in Brazil, South East Asia and Europe.  On average, over 500 bottles of our sauce were sold each day in 2014.

Our ‘Proper Taste Tour’ initiative sampled an estimated 120,000 consumers at key UK events during the last year, including the BBC GoodFood, Ideal Home and Grand Designs shows.  We were even awarded with the privileged CoolBrands status.  Grab a bottle of our proper tomato sauce while dining at Ryan Giggs’ Café Football.

Our mission now is to achieve far more.

Sauce contributes over 5% to packaged food sales across the world.  It is consumed by nearly every culture on the planet.  We believe there are significant growth opportunities.  Driven by ‘quality-seeking’ consumers, we see users open to change, trying things new and demanding products with proper credentials. 

Our idea is to build a truly stand-out brand-driven FMCG business delivering exceptional growth across the world.  Our solution is the Great British Sauce Company, aiming to be the sauce brand of choice among quality-seeking consumers and chefs;

  • Making products that taste amazing, using the best ingredients we can find
  • To keep innovating, cultivating interest, trust and loyalty
  • Building a global ‘Made in Britain’ brand, radiating British heritage and style

The Brand

Standing out from the crowd is critical.  Our vision creates a brand that feels familiar, engaging users with values of trust, integrity and warmth. 

We believe the brand’s strong British attributes resonate strongly across the UK and internationally, delivering an inherent equity through its trademarked name and design.

Our brand is proving key to drawing in interest, achieving very early traction with the major retailers, stimulating consumer trial.  We were awarded CoolBrands status in 2014 alongside leading food brands such as Green & Black’s and Lavazza.  We recently achieved the shortlist in Richard Branson’s Pitch To Rich initiative.

The Products

It is the taste of our sauces that we believe will drive repeat purchase and loyalty.  Our product development strategy focuses on delivering artisan style products into the mainstream market, fulfilling the needs of quality-seeking users, both at home and in the professional foodservice channel.

Making sauces that taste better than homemade is very much part of our development ethos.  Our sauces are prepared in small batches for consistency and greater depth of flavour.  Ingredients are carefully selected to deliver the best quality product.  This approach has been key in winning business with high profile users such as Mark Sargeant.

We currently market 7 varieties;

  • Proper Tomato Sauce (too good to be called ketchup)
  • Proper Brown Sauce
  • Smoky Barbecue Sauce
  • Sweet Curry Sauce
  • Tomato & Mustard Sauce
  • Tomato & Habanero Sauce
  • Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce

Our business is definitely not just about ketchup.  We believe the Great British Sauce Co. brand platform has scalability.  We have plans to broaden our range through complementary varieties such as mayonnaise, dressings and cooking sauces.  Our ambition is that this will provide us with significant potential to increase brand presence at each distribution point, delivering on-shelf impact, achieving critical mass that will drive both top and bottom line performance.

We have launched various packaging formats to meet with target channel needs – glass bottles into retail, 10g sauce sticks for food on the go, plastic bulk containers for the professional kitchen.

The Business Delivery Strategy

By 2020 our forecast is to be delivering over 1,000 tonnes of sauce a year.  We plan to grow by developing sales through three key business channels;

  1. UK Retail (45% business contribution forecast by 2020)
  2. UK Foodservice (40% business contribution forecast by 2020)
  3. Export (15% business contribution forecast by 2020)

In all channels and markets our ambition is to implement a distrbutor-based model. This provides access to establish sales teams, delivering immediate traction, both in the UK and internationally. 

We believe there are a multitude of sales opportunities for our products among a broad range of outlets and will be targeting;

  • National multiple retailers, speciality delis, farm shops, garden centres and convenience stores
  • Pubs, restaurants, caterers, airlines and food on the go operators
  • International markets where the quality and integrity of British brands deliver aspirational values

Our marketing strategy will focus on increasing demand and rates of sale.  Encouraging product trial is of critical importance.  We will focus activities on maximising brand visibility, increasing product exposure, building awareness;

  • Events – both trade and consumer, building on our Proper Taste Tour initiative
  • In-Store Trial – supporting retail distribution, getting our products sampled
  • Promotion – strategic consumer promotion activity to stimulate trial
  • Merchandising – creating in-store impact around the brand and products
  • On-Line – connecting with consumers and users through web, social media and mail marketing
  • PR – achieve product placement and feature inclusion within key media

The Business Model

Through collaboration we operate a highly efficient business model, designed to scale more rapidly.

Our products are produced by BRC-accredited (http://www.brcglobalstandards.com/) manufacturing partners, and always made fresh to order.  Sales and logistics are driven by channel and regionally focused distributors.

By shipping directly from factory to distributor we reduce the excessive overhead of stock handling and warehouse holding.  This enables us to keep direct product costs to a minimum, achieving greater value and more competitive position into consumer and end-users.

To date all sales transactions into distributors have been fulfilled through a brand licensing arrangement (2014 and 2015 Jan-Sep period reflect a royalty-only sales revenue) with sole manufacturing partner Keejays Limited, enabling commercial incubation of the brand to a more sustainable level.  Post investment this licensing arrangement will cease, where Great British Sauce Company Limited will then capture all sales transactions, buying from the manufacturer and selling to the distributor.

The Reason for Funding Through Crowdcube

Your investment will be used to multiply and drive the many opportunities we have already created;

  1. Driving Sales. We will significantly increase our in-field activity, targeting consumer and trade events.  Our intention is to meet new consumers, sample our products, network with potential trade partners and gain increased distribution.
  2. Impacting Point of Sale. We will create initiatives to increase awareness of our products in store, stimulating trial and repeat sales.  We will increase support for our Retailers by carrying out tastings, product demonstrations and promotions.
  3. Spreading the Word. Investment will enable us to develop more effective Marketing and PR campaigns.  Creating awareness, seeking engagement with our brand and products into a wider audience.
Contact Information:

Jason Beaumont
Andrew Rowson
Martin Langfield
Sammy Lee

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