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Jun 23, 2015 8:00 AM ET

Archived: Enough of this Violence against women MUST stop

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2015

This violence against women in Africa MUST stop. We all must say no to it,You can make happen

48 years after the Nigerian civil war. Maria waited for her only son who was forced to join the army.She died in agony and pains.All her husband properties were confiscated from her because she has no male child and no husband Maria never expected that her world will turn around is such obscure and dehumanizing condition in the later part of her life

Thousands of women in the rural communities in Africa face different forms of violence and discriminations.Some are made to drink the dirty water used in cleaning the corpse of their late husband.

A young girl was buried alive because she contracted HIV and became sick
This can not continue.We must stop it Now.It is dehumanizing, it is callous,it is wickedness.Let’s join hand to stop it.Vist our support page and be part of the campaign to stop this inhuman tradition


Still waiting for Anthony 48 years after the civil war. The story of Maria
Maria never expected that her world will turn around is such obscure and dehumanizing condition in the later part of her life
Maria married at a very tender age in the remote community. She was not educated because women are not sent to school in her early days. She was given out in marriage at 17 and she had five children (4 girls and a boy).Things were going well for them until she lost her husband 10 years into the marriage. Before her husband died, she left several farmlands for Maria to farm on, she cultivates on the land and would sell her products in the market to support the upbringing of her children.
Because training of a female child is a taboo in the community, Maria gave out 3 of her female daughters in marriage without breaking a chalk. The other two remained in the house to help her in house chores and farm work. The son (Anthony) was in primary 5 when the Nigeria civil war broke out in 1967.Anthony was forced by the Biafra soldiers to join the war. He thus went to the war against the pleading of his mother. Anthony was forcefully kidnaped from his mother; the wailing and cries of his mother did not deter them from taking him away to the war front.
Maria keeps praying to God, but the worst happened. Maria’s last daughter died due to malaria. There is not even a medical facility in the community even till now.
Maria was hoping that her son would return from the war to take care of her. It is 48 years after the war, Anthony has not come back.

All the landed properties left behind by her late husband were taken away from her because she has no male child to inherit those properties. To compound her woes, two of her daughters that married died during childbirth. No other person to help, the only one left was incapacitated. She is infected and dying from AIDS
At 79, Maria has no one to look after her; she lived in an uncompleted dirt house until CHISTRE’s Director came to complete a one room apartment for her. 4 years after Maria died and her body was decomposing before passers-by noticed she was dead and was stinking.
There are several women going through different barbaric traditions in the community.
We want to change these traditions. We want to give women a voice and help them to live even after the demise of their husband.

Your donation to this project is the only way to show that you care for people like Maria in our community and indeed other parts of Africa.

Contact Information:

Centre for HIV/AIDS and STD Research
21, Warehouse Road Apapa
Lagos Nigeria

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