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Jun 23, 2015 8:14 AM ET

Archived: Deus Ex Aria: The Evolution Of SmartWatch Control: Add Gesture Control To Your Pebble or Android Wear Smartwatch! Deus Ex Aria lets you control your devices with simple finger gestures

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2015

Deus Ex Aria: The Evolution Of SmartWatch Control





Technical Details

Deus Ex Aria technology recognizes finger gestures from the wrist thanks to a layer of sensors. These sensors interpret the movement of the tendons, then our algorithm classifies the gesture.

Why tendon analysis? 

There are other possible approaches thoroughly documented in literature (Elctro/Phono/Meccano/Photo – myography ) that are capable of achieving some results in gesture recognition, however we chose the tendon approach because:

  • it is more accurate and reliable 
  • the sensors are smaller and more comfortable 
  • it works with sweat, water, tattoos 

This technology is patent pending.

Deus Ex Aria Clip For Android Wear

Communication between the Deus Ex Aria and Android Wear smartwatch is established through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that connects the Deus Ex Aria Clip to the smartphone. The smartphone then controls the smartwatch with the input coming from Deus Ex Aria.

So what’s inside? Sensors + DSP chip + BLE module (SDK available) + battery.

Battery life currently lasts more than 24 hours of continuous activation.

Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap For Pebble Time

The Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap communicates directly with Pebble Time through a Serial Interface.

So what’s inside? Sensors + DSP chip (with serial interface –> datasheet to be given). 

No battery means no need to charge your Deus Ex Aria Smartstrap! 

The strap’s power consumption is currently of around 15% of the overall battery life of your Pebble Time. We are currently working to further reduce this figure.

It is designed to be as similar as possible to the Pebble Time strap, with the addition of the sensors and a second adjustable mechanism .

Recognition Algorithm

Deus Ex Aria needs a short calibration process before it can recognize your gestures. During calibration you will be asked to perform a customizable set of gestures and assign them to commands of your choice.

For optimal performance it is recommended that Deus Ex Aria is used with similar wrist position and watch-band tightness as those adopted during calibration.

For any further questions please refer to the FAQs section below, or contact us by email at info@deusextechnology.com.

Software Design – OPEN-SOURCE

Deus Ex Aria greatly expands possibilities for wearable apps, building on top of the Deus Ex Aria SDK.

Our focus is giving the best support and the best tools to the developer community. There are still thousands of applications and use-cases for Aria that we want to empower you, the developer, to discover and exploit them all.

We’ve already developed some apps of our own:

  • Gesture control on Android Wear – effectively eliminating the need to use the touchscreen and voice-control to access the menu, notifications, mail, music, and more. 
  • Gesture control on Pebble Time – Control the music, a GoPro camera, and more…
Electronic Design
Current PCB
  • Dimensions (L x W x T) 30mm x17mm x 0.6mm; 
  • 2-layer PCB – with components on 1 side;
  • BLE SoC Power Management chip (Voltage Regulator and Lithium Polymer battery charger) DSP Unit (with SPI slave interface);
Final PCB
  • Dimensions (L x W x T) 23mm x15mm x 0.2mm;
  • FPC 4 layers with components on 1 side;
  • BLE SoC Power Management chip (Voltage Regulator and LiPo charger), Fuel Gauge chip and DSP Unit (with SPI slave interface);
Mechanical Design
We worked closely with the product designer, Noel Joyce, to identify an unobtrusive and comfortable design that would fit around any wrist and most smartwatches. 
When designing the Deus Ex Aria module, our mission was to enhance user experience without compromising on the aesthetics and comfort of your favorite smartwatch.
We believe that to realize its full potential, Deus Ex Aria needs to be fully integrated within your smartwatch. By introducing a serial port for smartstrap developers, Pebble was the first smartwatch manufacturer to allow us to create the first fully-integrated touchless smartwatch: Pebble Time. 
The Deus Ex Aria Smartstrap was designed around the Pebble Time and combines technical efficiency with a sleek look that seamlessly and elegantly complements its shape.
The Deus Ex Aria technology is discretely embedded into a water-resistant silicone strap. With its low profile, Deus Ex Aria is always in contact with the underside of your wrist without compromising on comfort. The strap can be adjusted in two different ways to ensure the module can be placed in an optimal position on wrists of all different sizes (the coarse buckle mechanism and a strap extender for fine-tuning position). Additionally, the strap will be available in both small and a standard size. A guide will be provided before the product is shipped to ensure you choose the strap size that best fits your wrist.

Why are we on Kickstarter?

We need your help to start the production and pay for the certification: tooling costs are paid upfront, we managed to produce the first devices with our fundings, but we need your support for the mass production.

Moreover we have to guarantee the FCC, CE and Bluetooth certifications.

Help us by sharing Deus Ex Aria with your friends!

Reward Tiers

  • $59 – Early Bird : Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap for Pebble Time!
  • $69 – Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap for Pebble Time!
  • $109 – Early Bird : Deus Ex Aria for Android!
  • $129 – Deus Ex Aria for Android!
  • $179 – Buddy pack: 3x Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap for Pebble Time!
  • $329 – Buddy pack: 3x Deus Ex Aria for Android!
  • $169 – 1+1 version: 1 clip + 1 strap!



Thanks & Credits

Thanks to Alberto, Titi, Luca, Carla, Mauro, Francesco, Matteo, Nicola, Maxilmilian, Dott. Cogotti, Simone, Giulia, Denis, Akhil and Johannes.
  • HAX, Duncan, Cyril, Ben and Peter, Steve, and all the HAX staff and teams (you are amazing!!).
  • Noel for the great product design.
  • Antony, for the fantastic video. 
  • Imperial Create Lab, for the VCC program and to Dominic, Mark, and all the staff for the support. 
  • StartUp Initiative, Bill, Joe for their workshops, help and guidance. 
  • StartCup Sardegna for the real kickstart. 

Our team has a strong background in biomedical engineering and electronics, and we are aware of the numerous technical challenges associated with the development of Deus Ex Aria. We are working hard towards constantly enhancing its reliability and optimizing its functionality ahead of shipping.

Earlier this year, we spent 4 months in China (Shenzhen) as part of the Hax program and underwent extensive training on product development and manufacturing processes. We have built our suppliers relationships, and chosen materials to ensure the quality, durability and scalability of our products.

While we are thrilled with the working prototypes produced, we are now faced with the inevitable challenges inherent to the process of mass producing and commercializing a cutting edge tech product. Owing to the innovative nature of Deus Ex Aria, we recognize that unforeseen bugs, challenges and delays may occur during production.

To minimise these risks we will be actively involved in all stages of manufacturing and quality control. We will be present and work alongside manufacturers and suppliers during all production and testing phases. We will keep the whole development, manufacturing and supply process completely transparent; as backers you will receive constant updates on each step of the way until Deus Ex Aria is shipped.

Our promise to you is that upon its release, Deus Ex Aria will meet the highest standards of performance and comfort. We will also provide you with highly attentive and competent customer support.

We are confident that Deus Ex Aria will give you a futuristic and immersive experience, and look forward to seeing what you will do with the ability of controlling any smart device with simple gestures!

Contact Information:

Deus Ex Technology Ltd

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