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Archived: BLOCK Riser Innovations, Debuts New Product Line to Revolutionize Skateboard Industry.

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BLOCK Riser Innovations, Debuts New Product Line to Revolutionize Skateboard Industry.


San Diego, CA. June 22, 2015 – BLOCK Riser Innovations announces the launch of a new product line, revolutionizing how skateboarders can customize their ride. By utilizing the skateboard riser as more than just a piece of plastic, BLOCK’s skateboard products will allow the boarder to mix and match fun, colorful and useful tools and accessories to their skateboard without losing any space or functionality.


“BLOCK Risers is an innovative solution to add function to your skateboard by utilizing some of its most under developed components. I saw the riser pad as much more than a piece of plastic—I saw an opportunity. BLOCK Risers has changed the way we look at riser pads by adding a cavity with locking tabs.  This cavity allows for a multitude of functional inserts.  Today we present the BettyBox, GoBLOCK and StashBLOCK–the first of many riser accessories we plan to debut,” said Kevin Seele, Founder and Chief Technical Innovation Officer of BLOCK Riser Innovations.



The patent-pending BettyBox is the first ever utilitarian and customizable riser. With the same functionality as a standard riser pad but with an open cavity, the BettyBox allows the rider to easily switch in and out interchangeable parts, customizing the particular function to meet the rider’s individual needs. Whether you want to pop in an action camera one moment and switch out to a compartment that hides your particulars the next, the BettyBox is a riser that is sure to entertain skaters of all ages and experience levels.



With the rapidly growing popularity of individual action sport cameras, the GoBLOCK was created with the skateboarder and photographer in mind. GoBLOCK’s technology and design was developed so that the rider can easily clip-in and secure filming devices underneath the board without having to commit to a permanent fixture. Unlike the GoBLOCK, permanent camera fixtures can cause extra vibration and consume valuable footing placement. The GoBLOCK takes up no space and creates no added vibration, giving the rider the safest and coolest POV on the market.



Whether it be stamps or keys, skaters finally have a way to hide their unmentionables. StashBLOCK is a secret sliding drawer that slides right into the riser, is concealed within the riser, sitting between the trucks and the board. The patent-pending technology and design enables riders to stash personal belongings into the riser drawer where it will remain hidden and secure during the ride.


“BLOCK Risers add function and personalization to the perfection of the skateboard. Skateboarding is fun,” says Seele, “and it’s about time the risers had some fun too.


All products are currently available for ordering worldwide on the BLOCK Riser Innovations crowd-funding campaign page via Indiegogo at www.blockrisers.com.


About BLOCK Riser Innovations

BLOCK Riser Innovations  is a privately held company, based out of San Diego, California and was founded in 2014.

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Media Contact:
Kevin J. Seele

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