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Jun 22, 2015 7:52 AM ET

Archived: Intellijoule, Inc.: intelligent LED lighting

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2015

Intellijoule, Inc.

Intellijoule, Inc.  Logo


Intellijoule, Inc. is a less than two years old technology originator being five highly creative engineers, physicists and computer software developers creating the disruptive and enabling technologies for the intelligent LED lighting and industrial process control markets. Intellijoule invented the Alumilight luminaire each of which can replace up six 2’x4′ fluorescent fixtures or two HID high bay industrial lamps while concurrently serving as a host of intelligent sensors and communications devices The disruptive part is the very low cost that obsoletes all now popular LED light sources. Our very simple systems are MFR’d in the USA . The components of the Alumilight system are also products that are sold separately for various applications beyond lighting. Nearly every business and persons alike can buy and reap big savings over time at a low first cost. Intellijoule created a pro forma income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement with attendant business plan. Alumilight is patent pending and proven at least at the pre-beta level. The founder holds patents sold to General Mills, Inc. for the worlds first intelligent HID or fluorescent lighting electronics ballast (1983). His other inventions done with Los Alamos National Laboratory and South Dakota School of Mines are in popular use in China and India. His son’s are well known contributors to the software development world (see Wikipedia). The company is low on sales now but essentially debt free using the past 16 months for R&D. No stock is issued. Our professional accountant can present true financial history to the penny,.


Products / Services

Alumilight intelligent LED fixtures that host The Internet of Things and data Communications at 50%

The Alumilight fixtures eliminate up to 6 legacy Fluorescent lighting troffers while interfacing to the Internet of Things such as HVAC, security, medical (medical rated) data communications, energy distribution and harvesting. NSA and military related data acquisition. The simplest Alumilight system is our smart medical safety rated power source and 8 of fixtures each with two powerful (10,000 LM) based LEDs having intelligent dimming features. Alumilight eliminates more than 50% of the cost of installation, longevity and operation of legacy systems thus pay for themselves <6 months.

Contact Information:

Charles G. Nutter

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