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Jun 22, 2015 3:52 PM ET

Archived: G.E. Brown: G.E. Brown Fine Food & Provisions, Coming Soon to Bedford, New York!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2015

G.E. Brown

We are passionate about food!

We met at Per Se in 2005, about 20 pounds lighter and with less lines, with the ability to work from 11am-2am.  After 3 years we graduated, and fell madly in love.
We began our boutique catering company, Maison Prive in 2008.  Our experience in restaurants such as Blue Hill at Stone Barns (where Jen was the opening Saucier, or meat cook), Bouchon (Jim was the Chef de Cuisine), Per Se (we were both Sauciers) and Cafe Boulud Palm Beach (Jim an opening Chef de Partie) gave an incredible canvas to begin our own art.
After catering for some time in NYC and Greenwich, we moved our lives and babies to Bedford, New York, in search of greener, calmer pastures.  We have waited patiently for a new opportunity to arise, a chance to bring our food into the local retail sector, a chance to feed our community with healthy, affordable options that can sometimes be lacking in smaller towns.  We want everyone to fall madly in love too…with our food, our town, each other and the ritual of the family dinner.
Little known fact: we are also history buffs! We discovered that in the late 1890’s, the store G.E. Brown existed right in the village, and served the local community.  We thought that bringing back a part of history would also be a crucial, and much-needed component when thinking about the preservation of the history of Bedford.
We are eternally grateful for any and all support, as we cannot do this without you!

What We Are Asking For

We are hoping to raise $28,500 in order to help us complete our project.  The first $15,000 raised is dedicated solely to higher-level coffee and espresso equipment (brewers, grinders, espresso machine).  

The space that we have leased is about 30 years old and is in need of update and much repair, a lot more than we anticipated.  The pre-existing commercial exhaust fan which was attached to the building is no longer up to code and now needs to be replaced.  We will be able to accomplish this with $12,000.

With the remaining funds we would like to transform the existing space into a comfortable store that mirrors the idyllic charm of our town, with good music.  A warm, inviting environment with an amazing coffee program and ambience–it’s not just about the food.  We would like to upgrade the heating and A/C systems to make the space more comfortable for everyone. Any funds above and beyond will allow us to install larger equipment that will help us expand our catering program. 

The Perks!

Here’s the fun part.  We are not asking for donations.  In lieu of your support, we have many rewards to give back!  I think you’ll find that there is something for everyone.

The Impact

We have done our homework and have spoken to many people in the town about what they would specifically like to see.   We’ve done surveys, asked questions, spoken to other local businesses.  We feel that there is a strong need for a retail location that provides healthy food at affordable prices.  Great coffee, breakfast on the go, lunches, dinners for you and your family.  And fun, casual, catered affairs. We have had many late nights discussing what WE want, as Chefs and also parents.  A sandwich that your child will crave, a dessert that you can’t live without, great coffee available early!

Kids!  As parents of a 4 year old and a 23-month old, we understand the value of being able to grab-and-go.  We also understand the importance of caffeine.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us get the word out!  We are so very passionate about this that we can’t wait to serve you and the community.  Word of mouth has always been very positive for us as we typically do not advertise.  

Lastly, we want to say how much we care.  We have chosen a very hard path, a career that took 15 years to establish and over 90 hours a week of work, which was “normal” for a very long time, with very little pay.

It’s not like it is on reality TV.  True Chefs have a challenging path but we love every second of it…

  Nights where we collapsed on the couch, days where all we wanted to do was sleep but couldn’t.  We care so deeply about food and believe that it is the foundation to a great family and life…and hope that we can share a little bit of us with you.

In food, love and health, we thank you.

Contact Information:

James Vellano
Jim Vellano

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