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Jun 21, 2015 10:59 AM ET

Ubzerv: Training meets Entertaining!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 21, 2015


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Training meets Entertaining! It’s our motto, and one that we think is going to finally shake up the $100+ billion global eLearning market. eLearning, Online Training, Distance Learning, Self-Paced Training…whatever your name preference, it’s what we’ve dedicated the last 15 years of our lives to – experiences and connections that are carried into this new venture. Having developed content for one of the original wave-making startups in the eLearning world over a decade ago (KnowledgeNet, ultimately acquired by Skillsoft), it’s time again for another shake-up.

Soon will be gone the days of computerized voices and monotonous slide presentations. Utilizing proprietary processes and procedures, we’ve developed a lightning fast and cost-effective methodology in building the most entertaining training imaginable. The average employee who spends 7 minutes a day on formalized training, compared to upwards of 2 hours on NetFlix, will begin seeing the convergence of the two mediums…where learners “Ubzerv” eLearning as an enjoyable, engaging experience. One in which you find yourself thirsting for the next module to begin, tapping at the microwave to finally finish heating your popcorn, entirely forgetting that your new favorite “original series” is actually corporate or regulatory-mandated continuing education.


Products / Services

Ubzerv High Intensity eLearning

This unique, highly advanced eLearning courseware is aimed at meeting the demands of today’s learner. With the average employee spending nearly 40 minutes every week on formalized training, much of which is corporate or regulatory-mandated, the demand is enormous…yet users are no longer satisfied by yesterday’s learning experiences and increasingly becoming uninterested with the solutions made available to them. Ubzerv produces captivating, cinematic eLearning via proprietary processes which have been tested and validated over years of use.

Contact Information:

Ryan Doolittle

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