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Jun 19, 2015 7:51 PM ET

Archived: Syntagma Square: a truly European novel : 8 novelists, 8 languages, 1 novel … and you ?

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 19, 2015

Syntagma Square


Syntagma Square is a political and litterary project : that is Europe, a culture made by people who want to cross the barriers. Syntagma Square is an original project, a new form of novel : on the web, you can read the entire novel and you can contribute to make it cross the language borders in translating it. DONATE to this project is contributing at the work of the 8 authors and give them copyright’s revenue, that they will use to continue this project and make it live in Europe. 


8 novelists have joined their hands and souls in writing a tale. In this, the characters come from all four corners of Europe as the writers: Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Greece . For various reasons, they all find themselves in Athens in May 2011. As the Greek people furiously protest the forced measures of the European institutions in Syntagma Square, the characters’ paths cross to varying degrees, by chance, as their individual adventures unfold. The reader can unravel these various destinies, immersed in the stylistic and thematic diversity of the tales of these characters, whose simplicity makes them just like us. 


The text amounts to a kind of mosaic novel, and is as much a political as a literary project. It has been expressly translated into eight languages, to promote the act of translation and the respect of each of our languages. For the eight authors, it’s a question of trying to cross the barriers t

hat separate us, be these linguistic, cultural, political, national, literary or creative. It is also to affirm the existence 

of a transnational civil society that transcends any institution, and which is capable of taking action and coming into contact on its own terms. 


  • How it works ?

On the site, you can read the entire novel, freely. You can also collaborate, and join in this movement the authors of Syntagma Square. Each chapter of the novel is in a different language, so Syntagma Square needs the help of everyone to fulfill its goal : being read all over Europe. On the site, sign in and help us ! You read in English and speak also Romanian ? Try to translate English in Romanian or Romanian in English.


  • Why donate to Syntagma Square project ? 

Because you want to contribute to a great novel and give some money to reward the novelists for their work. 

Because you want to follow the proposal of this book, about a new form of exchange,  and finance differently European creation.  

Because you think that this book needs to exist and to be continued as an European conversation and tale, that people read, talk, imagine and create together. 



Be a part of this Europe, the Europe of novelist and lovers of culture.  And who knows what could happened when shared culture awake and spread in all Europe ? 






What are the funds for?

Every penny raised is entirely to the benefit of the authors of the novel Syntagma Square:

– Financing the project Syntagma Square is repaid directly to authors 8 novelists copyrights to their work.

– The collected prize will be divided into 8 equal parts, one for each author.

The authors trust and have mandated the Chroniqu.es company to manage the operational and development for everything concerning the launch and financing of Syntagma Square project. Thus we were able to find enough support to develop the site and that we create and manage the campaign for authors.




About the project owner


The site of the project is here 

You can follow us on Facebook and Pinterest too

​The 8 novelists : 

  • Sophie Schulze

French novelist : Allée 7, rangée 38 and   A+2 (etc )

Follow her Facebook 


Inge Meyer-Dietrich

German novelist of Meine Neuer Ballon and Warum Leon ( etc )

Follow her on her blog 


Alexis Panselinos

Greek novelist of Zaida  ( etc )





Alan Monaghan

Irish novelist of Soldier’s song trilogy

Follow him on his blog 




Marco Truzzi

Italian novelist of Non ci sono pesci rossi nelle pozzenghere ( etc)

Follow him on his blog



Ruxandra Cesereanu

Romanian novelist of Crusader Woman and Coma  ( etc )

Follow her on her blog




Mario Crespo

Spanish novelist of LS6  and Biblioteca nacional 

Follow him on his blog



Nuno Camarneiro

Portuguese novelist of No meu peito nao cabem passaros and Debaixo de algum ceu

Follow him on his blog 







Contact Information:


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