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Jun 19, 2015 6:30 AM ET

Archived: Online games to detect increased risk of dementia: To develop scientifically designed online games to detect early stages of increased risk of Dementia

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 19, 2015

Online games to detect increased risk of dementia

The Alzheimer’s Society report that less than half of the people living with dementia in the UK have a diagnosis. 

This is socially unacceptable as once diagnosed by a GP the person with dementia can receive the care they need and deserve.  

Your donations will make a significant difference as detecting dementia risk early allows people to then go and work with their GP.

Anne Nolan, international singer from the Nolan sisters, has teamed up with the Brain-e-Games team to support the project so that the team can develop scientifically designed detection games. 

Your donations will allow the research and development to continue to create the detection game that will be available in early 2016.

£20,000 is needed to keep the project alive and complete the next stage of research and development and more funds will allows further research and development to take place to move the project closer to completion. 



The Brain-e-Games team have put their own money into developing the games and now need your support to continue the research and development. 



Dementia is a national, local and personal medical issue as nearly everyone knows someone with Dementia. Our national project has had national coverage and was last in the Mirror and Weekly News




Thank you for reading, please join Anne Nolan and be part of the team in supporting the project to support people at risk of Dementia.



Brain-e-Games Ltd is not offering medical advise. Formal medical diagnosis will come from a persons medical GP. 

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