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Jun 19, 2015 10:06 AM ET

New Business Book titled ‘Property investment: Create your Own Legacy.’

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 19, 2015

New Business Book titled ‘Property investment: Create your Own Legacy.’


I’m Simon Tim Muwanguzi, an immigrant from Uganda initially but now living permanently in the United Kingdom for the last 18 years. I am a happily married man with a 7 year old daughter.

I have just completed writing a new Business Book titled, ‘Property investment: Create your On Legacy’ which l reckon is not only informative (with less jargon) but also very inspirational especially to those who wish to work hard and achieve financial freedom as well as fulfilment in life through shrewd property investments.

Basically, l decided to write this book for 3 main reasons as follows:-

  • To share the knowledge l have learned over the last 10 years in the UK Property and mortgage industry. Hence, my wish to convey the basic information to the readers of this book who intend to buy their first home and/or even build a property portfolio which in turn could make them so wealthy.
  • As regards the legacy aspect, my objective is to inspire people say in the 18 – 40 age group who may be fed up with the rat race, have no job satisfaction, no better career prospects, to mention but a few, to consider investing in properties which could in the long-term make them wealthy. Once they achieve this goal, they can have more options in life including having a better lifestyle, looking afer their families more comfortably and giving back to society both in terms of time and money.
  • On a more personal note, l decided to write this book so that l can raise enough money to set up and start a new charity which will offer advice, guidance and support to all those in need  or facing any difficulties or social issues, for instance, immigration, housing, employment, debts, human rights, to mention but a few. A case in mind are the immigrants who usually find it hard to settle in a foreign country. Given my personal experience duiring my first days in London, l found it so hard to settle down for one reason or another. Worsestill, there was no one whom l could turn to, for advice and support or even look up to as a role model for inspiration. Despite all the odds, l have been able to write this book and hopefully, empower people from all walks of life, with the right knowledge and tools to invest in properties wisely (as this is the only subject matter that l am very knowledgeable about) and then achieve success in their own lives.

Unfortunately, l am unable to have all the money needed to publish and release this book within the next 10 working days. As l’m self-publishing this book, l need to raise £ 2,000 – £ 5,000 to pay for all the related costs including editing or proof reading, polishing, typesetting, formatting, building a new website for this book and the initial marketing expenses to be incurred prior to launching this book at the end of June 2015.

For this reason, l kindly request you to help me … Please make any contribution towards this crowdfunding cause in order to raise the full amount necessary to carry out the tasks mentioned above. Rest assured all your support will be so much appreciated. Infact, l would like to express my sincere gratitude to you by phone or e-mail once we receive your contribution. Please do not hesitate to provide me with your details at [email protected] or by phone, Tel (Mob): + 44 775 320 4619.

Thank you ever so much in anticipation.

Kind regards,

Simon Tim Muwanguzi.

PS: I do wish you a very nice day!

Contact Information:

Simon Tim Muwanguzi

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