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Jun 19, 2015 9:59 AM ET

Archived: Colony Collapse Disorder is SOLVED with the Bee Pole!: Solve Colony Collapse Disorder with the Bee Pole. Who knew dead wood could help save humanity?

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 19, 2015

Colony Collapse Disorder is SOLVED with the Bee Pole!


Stop the disappearance of all life on earth!

Bees are responsible for all life above sea level. Bees alone are accountable for pollinating nearly one-third of everything we eat. The government has waited far too long to get involved in this manner; therefore Chester has decided to step in to make a difference.

From all the funds raised, one-third will go towards the National Native Pollinator Migratory Route, a National Park for Bees. This will allow them to move bees around the nation as needed, during different seasons and when crops are harvested.

Why did they choose the route from Lake Erie to the Gulf of Mexico? Bees need 3 things in order to survive: food, shelter, and water. The North East part of the country has a very strong bee presence with nearly 80% of all existing bees living in the area. Chester’s goal is to move the bees to where they currently are to where they are not in the country. The bee’s journey starts down the waterways of the French Creek, Allegheny, Ohio and Mississippi River, where they will have food, shelter, and agriculture all along the path. From then on they will cross the Mason Dixon line to Colorado River from Canada down. Funds from this Kickstarter Campaign will be used to start this route across the country. Chester’s end goal is to put bee routes all around the world.

The only way it can fail, is if people do nothing.

Chester has the most practical experience dealing with bees and has covered the research early on in his career. His experience from teaching at high school and college levels to being personally sent by the USDA to deal with bee crises around the country. Personally, Chester has established 400 acres bee facility in Sherman, NY, which is the first Native Bee Pollinator Preserve. His patent for the Bee Pole and passion for agriculture will lead the charge in saving the bees.

“He who owns the native bee, owns the world.”

Contact Information:

Chester Lee

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