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Archived: Spundge Inc.: An end-to-end content platform for professionals that make it easy to create, distribute, and monetize your content

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Spundge Inc.
Spundge Inc. Overview
Spundge is an end-to-end content platform for professionals that make it easy to create, distribute, and monetize your content. Spundge has a growing community of 28K+ users on a revenue generating cloud based platform.
Management Team
Richard Szalwinski
CEO and Founder
Full time
28.26% Ownership
Richard Szalwinski, founder and CEO and serial entrepreneur. Softimage and Discrete, sold very successfully for $130m and $400m to Microsoft and Autodesk respectively. Richard firmly believes that Spundge his 5th venture will be his best idea yet . PS. Richard Szalwinski holds his shares under the name of BHVR Communications Inc., in which hi is the sole director. BHVR Communications Inc. represents the interests of Richard Szalwinski and his Family.
Andrew Edwards
Company Secretary to Spundge UK limited
Part time
6.50% Ownership
Andrew Edwards is the Company Secretary. He is responsible for co-ordinating the funding arrangements for Spundge Inc through the London financial markets. He is also is involved in the establishment of Spundge Inc’s headquarters in London, UK. He has extensive experience in growing private and publicly quoted companies. He has helped manage a number IPOs with an emphasis on technology stocks. Andrew is a Chartered Accountant and was trained at KPMG before moving into corporate advisory and broking with an emphasis on business development. He was Finance Director of AnTech – Exeter where he was responsible for raising £4.4m for corporate expansion.
Offer Information
Min Max
Investment Target £70,000 £225,800
Share Price £0.645 £0.645
Shares Offered info 108,527 350,077
Percentage Offered info 4.90% 14.26%
Shares Issued info 2,104,459
Investors 9 (view)
Pitch Followers 3
Days Left 75
Sector: Internet, Apps & eCommerce
Location: Montreal, Canada
Company Number: 7912340
Contact Information:

Richard Szalwinski
CEO and Founder

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