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Jun 18, 2015 6:51 PM ET

Archived: Mill Road Festive Lights: To make Mill Road bright and shiny over the winter months by raising enough money to pay for festive lights

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 18, 2015

Mill Road Festive Lights

About the project

For a number of years, festive lights have been paid for by local businesses and Council grants. There is no Council funding available and we – local residents – would like to show our support for Mill Road’s small indie businesses by helping them with this cost. 

Why do we bother?

  • Festive lights improve the appearance of our street throughout the winter season
  • When the street looks good, people are more respectful of it
  • Festive lights show that we are a prosperous and thriving part of the city
  • The attention that the lights attract showcases the wonderful variety of shops and services that we have here
  • Festive lights provide a common point of celebration for a wide variety of community members
  • Through raising the money together, we believe Mill Road’s community cohesion is flourishing, as is community pride, loyalty and cooperation.

What does it cost?

It costs about £3500 to put up the snowflake lights each year. This is because it requires a specialist contractor to come in with a cherry picker to install them. In addition, we’d like to raise enough money to light another tree in Romsey (by Great Eastern Street), which will cost something like £2000-£2500. Our initial target of £8,000 covers the snowflakes, a new tree, £1000 for maintenance costs and a little bit of extra to allow us to give some nice rewards to people who make donations. 

Need more information?

Visit the festive lights website at www.millroadfestivelights.org 




 Small Print

Any items like gift cards and badges will be sent to you by mid-August. Customised baubles will be on display on a Christmas tree at the Switch On and you’ll get to take yours home afterwards. The festive lights committee will be in touch with you about other prizes and arrangements, so please make sure you leave some contact details for us. 

Contact Information:

The Mill Road Coordinator

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