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Jun 18, 2015 8:27 AM ET

Archived: Fusfoo – Media Redefining the way millennials source their news and information

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 18, 2015



Fusfoo Media

Redefining the way millennials source their news and information.

Fusfoo.com redefines the way millennials source their news and information. Focused on the relevant events, and people of yesterday, today and tomorrow, fusfoo is the content platform that motivates them in their quest for discovery.

Launched in the fall of 2014, fusfoo is dedicated to providing unbiased news and stories that facilitate change and creativity, growth and unity to this highly sought after demographic.

Like the New York Times meets Buzzfeed, fusfoo is leading the way into a brave new world of relevant, meaningful, engaging digital media content.  



At fusfoo, we know that young people stranded in this tabloid desert are craving meaningful and smart programming that they can trust. And with fusfoo, we’re making it our mission to deliver exactly that.


Most digital content is focused on shallow pop culture nonsense. Finding out which princess you are or what country you’re meant to live in via the endless quizzes available only distracts for so long. 


Fusfoo is digital news and information the way it should be done. Our platform brings content worth reading, written with passion and honesty.  We are dedicated to providing valuable news and stories that facilitate change and creativity, growth and unity

Fusfoo features original writing and videos that explores a variety of topics that keeps the demographic up-to-date on the things they care most about.


Fusfoo is fast becoming the one-stop site for the unique needs and interests of Millennials & Generation Z.

Our content ranges anywhere from student loan debt to ISIS. We’ve captured the attention of the next generation of Movers & Shakers with an expanding community of college writers and professional journalists from across the globe who are able to deliver content in a fresh and honest way.

Plus, we meet you where you are! Whether it’s on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, we deliver the content you want to see where you want to see it.



Target Market

Fusfoo was created for Millennials and Generation Z, those born between 1977 and 2012, with a core focus on individuals between 16 and 28 years old. The ideal time to reach prospective customers is when they are just starting to form their brand loyalties, likes, and dislikes, which makes this demographic the most sought after yet difficult to reach.

The total macro market is near 100 million with about 37 million students in the high school and college market alone. Through our parent company, Campus Evolution, we have direct access to over 12,000 college students who have over 2 million social networking relationships plus numerous meaningful relationships with university administration.


Since launching the website in September 2014 we’ve had an incredible response from users, with website viewership and social media followers growing everyday. fusfoo launched a subscription service on WeChat (#1 Chinese Social Network) December ‘14 illustrating our ability to capture the largest and most lucrative foreign markets.   

Our content is constantly growing and evolving as we develop a talented pool of writers from around the world, including the United States, China, Germany and India.


Dani Finkel, Product Development
Dani is a lifelong New Yorker whose creative direction and design skills have produced and developed projects for the entertainment, real estate, restaurant and non-profit industries. By pushing the boundaries of graphic design and user experience, she employs creativity and imagination to come up with innovate solutions in the new media landscape.

Sara Radafshar
Born and raised in New York City, Sarah has used her street savvy ways helping companies of all sorts build strong online identities. Our resident Social Media master, she’s been dubbed a Jill-of-Trades as a trained photographer, social media maven, marketing professional, great cook, and almost lawyer.

Sunny Middleton
Sunny has been working in the online media field for over three years, assisting companies with their social media, photography and writing. She is a WordPress wizard  and her knowledge of contemporary visual journalism along with a focused voice has been an asset to start up companies.

Evan Denner, Advisor
Evan is a builder of companies and has extensive experience leading both public and private companies during periods of major change including high growth, movement to public company status, downsizing and reorganizations. He also has experience acquiring, integrating and reposition operating businesses.

Andrew Starks, Advisor                                               Andrew is widely regarded as an entrepreneurial and innovative thinker. He has built and sold companies and is very focused on the customer experience. Andrew’s experience crosses from legal, finance, architecture, strategic planning and capital markets.

Contact Information:

Dani Finkel
Sara Radafshar
Sunny Middleton
Evan Denner
Andrew Starks

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