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Jun 18, 2015 6:27 AM ET

Archived: Byxee – the smart active safety device for bicycle: a smart safety device that detects hazards on the road to alert the cyclist beforehand

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 18, 2015

Byxee – the smart active safety device for bicycle


Byxee is a smart safety device that detects hazards on the road to alert the cyclist beforehand.












What your contribution means

As a start-up company we have worked hard to increase cyclists’ safety and performance. We have spent a lot of time by listening to cyclists and analyzing road hazards’ consequences in order to improve Byxee’s quality and performance.

Now we need your help to start the Byxee’s production, because the device is still a prototype. We are looking forward to start producing Byxee and deliver orders as soon as possible.

We will be able to produce the device only if we will reach the $135,000 fixed found goal. If we don’t, we could not be able to start the production.

To reach our goal we need to get orders for about 900 devices. We know it’s a very low number of pieces and we are sure there are more than 900 responsible bicycle lovers that want to ride safer.

Be part of Byxee! 


The complete Team
Riccardo Ricci, Andrea Mazza, Giuseppe Cecchini, Marco De Biagi, Anna Lasagni, Roberto Matacena, Giuseppe Di Maio, Melissa Marongiu, Francesco Ricci, Andrea Belletti, Giovanni Angelini, Giorgio Ricci, Filippo Manoni, Federico Venturini.

Our team has a vast experience and improves track record in the artificial intelligence field, in which its digital detection algorithms are used all over the world.

We are also responsible for the creation of “Theenq – semantic technologies” as well as innovative smart technologies for a widly-known italian sports car brand.

It took us 2 years of research and rigorous testing to develop proper prototypes which were studied from every angle:  technology, design  and functionality.

The results have been succesful and we have turned its vision into a reality.

But these are only the first stages.

We are now looking for supporters all over the world to join us in our lifechanging project, that is to make cyclists around the world, ride safer.

Thank you for supporting Byxee!

PR-Newswire / UK

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StudioEmme / Italy

StudioEmme is electronic manufacturer from 1970. They produce electronic circuits for worldwide trains, metro/subways and Lamborghini sports cars. They also produced hi-end sensors for Nasa space suites. We choose them to produce our devices to get and give you the best electronics quality.

TUV / Germany

TUV is the most important and severe european institute for worldwide certification. We want to be sure our devices have the best testing and safety control.

Special thanks to:

KENTSTRAPPER.COM / 3D printers – We made all prototypes by a Kentstrapper Volta 3D printer.

BiciLand / Cicli Adriatica – Italian bicycle manufacturer

Byxee is in progress and as you can see we have working prototypes. We are testing and updating them to give you the best smart safety device. So please consider the specifics described could be subject to modifications.

We will start scale production quantity based on the expected Indiegogo first goal. If we will overtake it, we will plan a second production session and a second shipping time.

Thank you for supporting Byxee.

We will keep you notified with up-to-date information.

#About Byxee device

How long does the battery last?

Byxee’s battery last up to 30 hours without charging. The battery charge level will be displayed for a 5-second period when the device is powered on.  You can charge battery by a USB standard port.

Does Byxee come in different colors?

During the launch phase Byxee will be available only in a black or white plastic material and in a transparent limited edition. However, if we will reach $165,000 we will be able to produce Byxee in amazing colors!

Does Byxee take pictures or video?

No, Byxee does not record video and it does not take pictures.  Its all purpose is to scan the road.


How much is the shipping cost? 

Please add $25 for shipping in USA, Canada or Europe. This cost has to be included during the contribution: once you’ve clicked on “Contribute now” and chosen your pack, add $25 on your pledge. Add $35 if you live in the rest of the world.

How can I add shipping costs after my contribution?

If you forgot to add the shipping costs during your contribution, don’t worry. Just add a new contribution of $25 (USA, Canada, Europe) or $35 (rest of the world) without perk, and we will update your account.

Why do I need Byxee?

Cyclists can certainly trust their eyes and experience. However every years  hundreds of expert cyclists and cyclotourists have accidents due to road hazards, unexpected glares, tiredness, looking at the phone or thousands of other distractions that can occur in real time. When cycling it’s a matter of a second for a good a ride to turn bad.

Byxee will never get tired,it will never became distracted. Its all purpose is to scan the road ahead at all time. Byxee is design to be a reliable third eye for cyclists on the road. However, this device won’t substitute cyclist’s allertness which is the foundation of a safe ride.

The bottom line is Byxee makes your ride safer when the second matter the most.

Why is Byxee an active safety device?

Active safety devices aim to avoid accidents, this is the case for example of all those devices that increase cyclist’s exposure (lights, reflectors, high visibility vests). On the contrary, passive safety refers to features that help reduce the effects of an accident, such as helmets and other personal protection guards.

Byxee introduces an innovative system to support both active and passive safety devices in collision avoidance. Thanks to its artificial intelligence Byxee detects road hazards before a cyclist get there so it allows him/her to make adjustements in real time to avoid the danger.

#How to use Byxee

Where and when can Byxee be used?

Around 80% of cycling accidents occur in daylight. (August, 2014 – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). This is the reason why Byxee is optimized to be used on tarmac roads in daylight.

How does Byxee work when I am riding among a group of other riders? Will it detect them as obstacles? 

Byxee only scans what happens ahead a bycicle. This means it will detect only the road ahead and it will not make any noise or alarm when you enter in and exit from a peloton bunch.  Byxee won’t annoy you with unsolicited warnings.

How does Byxee work in a long bumpy road? Will it keep on beeping? 

No, it won’t. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, Byxee will alert you only at the beginnig of a bumpy road and it will no keep on beeping.

How does it operate on road turns?

Within the visible agle of the device, prospective dangers are detected and notified. In the case road turns do not give the appropriate visibility Byxee will notify you anyway with a beep.


Where does the design come from? How did you work out the aerodynamics? 

Our inspiration to create Byxee’s design comes from Lamborghini’s sports cars. We conceived a pleasant unique and slender shape. We worked out the aerodynamics by testing the device on specialized softwares that simulate the exact same conditions of wind tunnels.

Are there any similar device on the market  ?

On the market you can find some device able to chart the road and alert you through a GPS system on road irregularities recorded beforehand. The difference between those devices and Byxee is that the formers need somebody to record the road earlier, that is to say sobody need to hit a fixed obstacle in order to be charted. Moreover, no matter how use are those devices, they will never be able to detect any unexpected, temporary or moving obstacle such as a pedastrian crossing the street or an object falling down on the road. On the contrary Byxee scans the road ahead in real time using an intelligent vision system.

Why nobody else made it before?

Detecting obsatcles with a vision system needs a lot of calculating capacity, a lot of data storage and a lot of electric power. So far, similar systems have been used only on cars due to their wide size and the amount of electric power needed. Therefore our challenge was to solve all these problems, to make a device small enough to be put on any bycicle handlebar and to create a tiny long lasting battery. It took us two years of reserach and testing to design a brand new scanning system (B.L.R.S. Byxee Linear Road Scanner) and an unique intelligent algorithm (B.H.D.S. Byxee Hazard Detect System) that requires minimal calculating capacity.

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