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Jun 18, 2015 1:42 PM ET

Archived: BE – LINK: Bluetooth Surround Sound for your Helmet: Incredible sound quality. Affordable price

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 18, 2015

BE – LINK: Bluetooth Surround Sound for your Helmet


BE – Headwear has been tearing up the personal audio/wearable tech game with their bluetooth beanies for a while now. Winter sports enthusiasts crave what BE provides – superior audio quality, and style unlike any other. It’s now time to spread the love to every season – backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

BE - LINK installs in less than 30 seconds
BE – LINK installs in less than 30 seconds
Raised control panel for easy access, even with gloves
Raised control panel for easy access, even with gloves

Introducing our incredibly powerful BE – LINK Bluetooth Sound System for your helmet. Full face, skate, dirt – absolutely any helmet – it’s all the same to us. Our system’s 9 hours of battery life will keep you rocking through any full day of riding. Our 30mm drivers packs a huge punch in a tiny package, delivering music with an audio range unlike anything you’ve heard before. 

We all know that real athletes need to stay connected to their surroundings while they tear it up. Headphones isolate you from the sound of the street, the tires on the dirt, or the board on the snow. BE – LINK turns your helmet into a personal surround sound system, that still let’s you hear what’s around you. The sensation is amazing. We’ve created a soundtrack for your life. Your sporting experience will never be the same. 

 The BE – LINK Bluetooth Sound System fits into any and all helmets using our Die Cut Velcro insertion tabs for full face helmets, and our BE – LINK Cradle System for open helmets with straps. Its easy install takes less than 30 seconds. Our many years of preparation and our strong relationships with manufacturers abroad have allowed us to offer this entire package at unheard of pricing, without having to cut corners on quality. That’s why we offer a Lifetime Warranty with every BE – LINK we sell. We want everyone to have the chance to experience the joy of BE.

Beautifully simple Origami Acoustic Design
Beautifully simple Origami Acoustic Design
Compatible with any and all helmets
Compatible with any and all helmets

BE – LINK Compatibility. Our incredible BE – LINK Surround Sound System works with any and all helmets, using either our Die-Cut Velcro Mounts or our BE – Kradle System – and by any and all, we mean any and all:

  • Skate 
  • Snow 
  • Cycle 
  • Dirt 
  • Moto 
  • Cosplay 
  • Paintball 
  • Construction 
  • BE – Headwear Beanies

BE – LINK Kradle. For those helmets that aren’t compatible with our die cut velcro, our incredible BE – LINK Kradle will do the job. It allows you to suspend your BE – LINK from skate, bike, and all other strapped half-cut helmets. Below are detailed sketches of the ultra soft, durable, Kradle mount. We have beautiful prototypes in hand, and are excited to ship a Kradle with every BE – LINK.

Each BE - LINK comes with our Kradle System + Die Cut Velcro Mounts
Each BE – LINK comes with our Kradle System + Die Cut Velcro Mounts


  •  2 – 30mm Drivers for high performance sound
  • Built – In Mic for phone calls & two-way radio com
  • 9 Hour battery life
  • 3.7 V Li-Poly Battery
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Volume, track skip, power control panel
  • Micro USB Charging (cable included)
  • 110 DB Max Volume
  • Vimicro 4.1 + EDR Bluetooth chip
  • Automatic bluetooth re-pairing
  • Less than 30 seconds to install
  • Minimalistic origami design

Each BE – LINK also comes with:

  • Die-Cut Velcro helmet mount inserts for full face helmets
  • BE – LINK Kradle for open strapped helmets
  • Bonus product, based on pledge level
Die - Cut Velcro Mount in Full - Face Helmet
Die – Cut Velcro Mount in Full – Face Helmet

For Kickstarter Newcomers. Getting your BE – LINKS is easy. Below are details about what rewards you can receive for the various pledge levels. Look at your pledge level options below, and see what reward is most suitable for you. Now look over to the right side of the page – you’ll see the various pledge levels in the donation panel. Find your desired level, then hover over it and click! It’s that simple.  

Below Are Your Rewards. You’ll notice you get even more awesome discounts when you’re among the first to donate. You’ll also notice that we’ve set stretch goals that will reward you with incredible additional gifts. Pick your reward level, and let’s make BE – LINK happen together!

Stretch Goals. We’ve set our minimum funding goal at $12,000. This is the minimum amount we need to fund the first full scale production of our BE – LINK system. We know that once word starts to spread, everyone is going to want to get their hands on a BE – LINK of their own. We’ve set some stretch goals to reward our backers for going above and beyond the call!

 BE – Headwear is fortunate to have strong relationships with our manufacturers abroad. This gives us a tight grip on quality and scheduling. We can generate high quality 3D printed prototypes & final products at a fast pace, without worrying about drops in quality. Here’s a look at our production schedule – how we’ll make sure your BE – LINK gets to you sooner rather than later:

Contact Information:

BE-LINK Bluetooth Integration System

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