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Jun 18, 2015 5:54 PM ET

Archived: Award winning charity to save 600 lives with only $8000

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 18, 2015

Our aim is to raise the money for two of our best volunteers so that they can become credentialed, which would cost a total of $8000. It costs a minimum of $4000 to fully train a Recovery Coach to the highest standard, ready for accreditation – this includes 4 Manuals, a secret Facebook group for submission of assessment, 2 books, handouts and worksheets.  As well, there is 36 hours of face to face training, 12 hours of one-on-one coaching and five hours of mentoring. At the end, there are 100 coaching hours’ worth of video logs are required to be passed from the coach in training for quality assurance to ensure all clients are offered the best and most cutting edge coaching. This ensures they turn away and quit their addiction for good.

$8000 is such a small price to pay to transform 600 lives.

If more money was raised, it would simply go towards sponsoring a person’s transformational sessions for FREE.

If only 200 people put in $50 each, these coaches can commit to the year-long training to learn the principles of recovery, the coaching language and how to grow their coaching practice. They will learn how many hours they need to put aside consistently towards their studies and internship so that they can put together their application for certification and pass the exams.

The aim is for them to apply for certification but even prior to certification, they are already coaching those with addiction issues and those lucky clients will receive a scholarship so that the trainee can complete their hours.

Daniel is a young political candidate for Greens. At a young age of 23 – he already has a mortgage, wants to enter the police force and placed 3rd in his candidature for state representative. Coaching with Substance has chosen this inspirational volunteer because he is dedicated to the youth and the issues they are facing. He is also a good peer model and is already accepted by the youth of our area. He also grew up in a domestically violent home, seeing his Father as he was growing up – abuse alcohol and gamble. This makes him have a heart for addiction issues and a clear role model to those his age or younger.

Moira has been the president for different chambers of commerce and other business groups for at least a couple of decades. She has been a practicing metaphysical counsellor with 30 years experience as a spiritual healer and advisor. Her father hanged himself when she was 26 and she endured many years having to face the consequences of her father’s suicide. She has deep connections with the leaders of the community and is a passionate volunteer for our charity. She is looking forward to adding recovery coaching qualifications to her skillset and healing toolbox.

It is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone! Those that cannot afford coaching are provided the coaching service for FREE. Help us today to make a real difference in the lives of around 300 people per coach or 600 lives at least. Why? Because, apart from the client, there would be five other people directly and adversely affected in a major way (son/daughter, mum/dad, brother/sister etc.)

That means every little bit contributes to our charity being able to deliver $150,000 ($1500 per person x 100 people) worth of services to 100 people directly. The flow on effect is therefore, 600 lives totally healed and transformed because statistics show that for every person saved from addiction – five others will also be totally liberated!

Contact Information:

Maria Pau - Founder

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