ASSA: Autumn in Scandinavia, spring in Agronomía is a book that links these two places by means of a tour made up of illustrations and photographs - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 18, 2015 7:25 PM ET

ASSA: Autumn in Scandinavia, spring in Agronomía is a book that links these two places by means of a tour made up of illustrations and photographs

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 18, 2015


About the Project


“Autumn in Scandinavia, Spring in Agronomía” is the result of a personal need to document a world that I have discovered and that has gradually appeared to me as I rode my bicycle through the Agronomía parks and around the Rawson neighborhood, located in the city of Buenos Aires.

As a way to pay homage to these places, and so that other people can relive my experience, I contemplated the idea of making a book (travel journal/personal diary) aiming at conveying the feelings and emotional ties that appeared between these places and me through my rides.

I was very excited about these images, sensations and products of my documenting, which arose during a search for a refuge from routine, and for relaxation; a necessary quest amid the whirl of everyday life. A place that I was able to make my own as if it were a treasure. A place that allowed me to connect myself -in my imagination- with other places, sparking in me the desire to visit them.

Motivated by this experience, I started searching for places that –I guessed- could generate something similar in me. When faced with the opportunity of making a trip, this quest influenced me to opt for Scandinavia as destination. And once I was there, I understood that it is all a part of the same whole. What I was able to find in Agronomía, I also found in Scandinavia. The same images, moments and sensations succeeded each other; and everything appeared to be naturally analogous.

This drove me to conclude that the world is only one. Regardless of the distance, the cultural and social differences, the dimensions that might be taken into account, or the history of each place; there is a constant feature that strives –almost imperceptibly- to survive: nature. The ensuing surprise when you encounter similar sensations in places so distant from each other can be explained by the estrangement that the inhabitants of the large urban centers feel from nature.

This is why we may wonder: how come two regions with such different dimensions (Scandinavia and Agronomía) and which are so far away from each other can generate such similar emotions? The answer is quite simple: we inhabit the same planet, and regardless of geographical borders, language, culture or customs; this one and only planet is the owner and generator of these feelings of pleasure, happiness and peace.

What this book proposes is an attempt to go through that experience, aiming to motivate readers to do it, and bring them closer to the chance of observing the pleasure that nature can unwittingly provoke, and let themselves fall under its influence.

This concept was the basis for the idea Scandinavia and Agronomía are only one place, in spite of being located more than 13,000 km away. The same world, divided in two parts, differing only in the season. But featuring the same small things that make them up and are inherent to them: trees, houses, lawn, silence, the breeze when you ride your bicycle and, last but not least, the feeling that the two places are somehow connected to fulfill the same destiny.

If Scandinavia could be reduced in its expression, it would be Agronomía, and if Agronomía were a region (with countries, towns and neighborhoods), it would be Scandinavia.

The book aims to convey and share the feelings this large space generates, so that readers can also feel them –by using their own means or by allowing themselves to be guided through the presented experience.


120 pages, printed in color on 120g Chambril paper.

Some pages printed on parchment paper.

Cover in special paper (290 g/m2 Sirio Nero) printed with special ink.

Binding: Binder / sewn binding.

It´s gonna be cute!












If I don´t get to gather the target sum, don´t worry, you´ll get a100% refund.

If you don´t have a credit card (just like me! :P) you can pay by Mercado Pago, Rapifácil or Rapipago ;)

The cover hasn´t been designed yet, the images displayed are only representative ;)


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Check out all the models:

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Marina Haller

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