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Jun 17, 2015 2:13 PM ET

TAP FOR LUDOVICO: an internationally recognized, freelance tap dancer, teacher and choreographer

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2015


Sebastian's Photo

Sebastian's Photo

Sebastian's Photo

What this campaign is about:

Ludovico Hombravella is an internationally recognized, freelance tap dancer, teacher and choreographer. His great spirit, his qualities as an entertainer, his love of the tap tradition and his skills as a performer have made him an essential part of the tap community and beyond.

In 2014, Ludo was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his lung and pleura. The diagnosis is severe and initial therapy included heavy dosis of chemotherapy applied over a period of several months. The great support of the tap community, his friends and many of you who contributed to the first crowdfunding campaign in the spring of 2014, have helped Ludo endure this difficult time.

After an initial improvement and a time of investigating different alternative therapies, Ludo’s situation has now taken a turn to the worse. The tumor has grown back to its original size and Ludo now needs constant and intensive pain treatment.

Ludo is treated by the leading specialist for his particular case, so he is in the best hands medically. Nonetheless, his therapy poses a serious challenge to the doctors. At the moment, it is being tested whether Ludo can participate in a special new program at the Sant Pau Hospital of Barcelona. Whichever way this is going, Ludo is faced with another lengthy period of chemotherapy and possible subsequent surgery.

Now and for months to come, Ludo is unable to perform or teach. This leaves him without income.

At the same time, his living expenses have risen drastically due to the worsening of his medical situation. He is on a special diet, needs to pay for certain parts of his medication himself, and needs to finance special demands such as inhouse help, transportation, psychological support. These expenses equate an average 2.800 € monthly, not including incidental extra costs that his condition may generate (such as his relocating to a more easily accessible flat).

As he is entering the second phase of his cancer, Ludo needs the help of as many of you as possible. The aim of this crowdfunding is to raise the means to support Ludo for one year.

No matter how ambitious it may sound, we know it will take at least that long for Ludo to get back on track.

Please help Ludo by donating and spreading this campaign.

Sebastian Weber


Contact Information:

Sebastian Weber

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