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Jun 17, 2015 12:58 PM ET

Archived: Biaggioni Living Solutions, LLC: My customers are high profile/income home owners in West Harlem and all over New York City (mainly Manhattan and Brooklyn)

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2015

Biaggioni Living Solutions, LLC


Personal Story

Born and raised in Milan Italy, moved to New York in 1999 for work transfer reasons. I come from a middle class family and everything has been always very good and harmonious (and still is) with all my family members. I have been doing repairs and DIY works since I was a teenager and now I have decided to turn this into my profession which I love. Design and architecture are also among my passions that’s why I do include those in my work, creating better living space for my customers based on their needs (interiors, lighting, landscaping, colors, energy, etc). I’m planning to grow fast and expand!
One of the things on my radar is to create an artisan collective space, with equipped wood shop and metal shop to create a working space for artisan and people with creative minds to develop their project, but also to be suppliers for my remodeling company. It will be planned and developed in my neighborhood community of West Harlem, or possibly South Bronx where warehouse building and other vast spaces are still available

Business Description

My business provides solutions for my customers’ needs; in term of their living spaces and environment, from design, small repairs, small construction, lighting, etc to gut renovation or complete remodeling. I decided to start this business because this has been a big passion of mine since I was a teenager, so has been turning a hobby/passion into a profitable business. My biggest challenge so far has been following the required procedures of being a start-up and getting all the necessary licenses.

My customers are high profile/income home owners in West Harlem and all over New York City (mainly Manhattan and Brooklyn) and so far I have been referred through word of mouth only. I recently built my website www.biaggionilivingsolutions.com so I’m expecting lot more exposure and customers very soon.

I want to become very popular and successful in my business, among home owners who want to be surrounded by beautiful and functional “living solutions” for their living and working spaces. I’m very proud of my resourcefulness and my ability to think outside the box, and always being able to find the right solution.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will be using this loan to purchase new equipment and inventory and giving me the peace of mind I need to hire more people when needed. I also have to purchase all the code/NYS law requirement to safely and legally run my business.

The costs include:
– $3000 start up costs
– $1600 website and advertising
– $2300 new equipment and inventory
– $1700 pay bookkeepers/accountant, workers and extra hands
– $1400 ongoing licensing and filing fees

Contact Information:


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