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Jun 16, 2015 4:01 PM ET

Archived: Snipple Breastfeed – Your Baby with Zero Hassle and No Clothing Alterations

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 16, 2015

Snipple Breastfeed – Your Baby with Zero Hassle and No Clothing Alterations

Snipple is a new maternity and childcare brand on a mission to revolutionize infant care. 

Our flagship product is a new breastfeeding system that allows you to meet your child’s with zero hassle or pain and absolutely no need to even adjust your top clothing during breastfeeding.


Most breast pumps  require that you wear a button-up blouse and completely unbotton it to breastfeed. Even the breastfeeding products that are able to function underneath a shirt and bra are so hard to wire through all your clothing and takes as much time to figure out as it does to feed your baby. If only nurturing your baby could be easier.

Thank goodness nurturing your child has become a piece of cake with the Snipple.


The solution to the best breastfeeding experience is simple and honestly we are a bit surprised no one has thought of the Snipple themselves!

And guess what? All parts are detachable so that they can be replaced at any time and cleaned. Oh, and if you have twins, Snipple offers a two-way distribution tube to bring milk to your babies via one suction cup.

Also, absolutely no planning is required. Sigh.

But of course we haven’t forgotten about all the other things to consider while breastfeeding that other companies leave you to deal with. And to top it off we’ve got some amazing inventions for other motherly needs!


This bra can be worn when the Snipple is in use without any discomfort. Once finished with breastfeeding, you can remove the Snipple and wear the bra just like any other!

Okay, spills happen and we, at Snipple, totally understand that. That’s why we have invented the Executive Bra, which can be unhooked in the front and the back with the ability to replace half of the bra if one part gets wet.

Now that your bra is covered, we can’t just leave you hanging without a shirt that is easy to weave the Snipple through. So, we have designed the perfect shirt to wear with your Snipple that includes a pocket that can easily lift up to ensure all the Snipple gear is in place.

At Snipple, we pride ourselves on innovation within the breast pump market and elsewhere. So we want to make mealtime with your baby easier with the Cuplate — the high chair that allows bowls, cups, and plates to be screwed into the chair so that your baby or toddler can’t make a fuss with dishes toppling to the ground. We also have a tray that allows dishes to be screwed in for those occasions without a high chair.


Why vouch for our product when numbers can do the talking?


These followers are backing us up for a reason though – which is our exceptional products, of course. So, to get the ball rolling we’ve been in constant conversation with a product development firm that is interested in producing our offering. A meeting with the firm to discuss further action in development will take place in mid-May.

We also haven’t been the only ones to recognize our future success. Killer Startups featured Snipple in a raving review that showcased our awesome products and called us…

So who’s behind the innovation? See for yourself…


Kenny McIntosh | CEO & Founder

Inventor, team coordinator and spokesmen

Jammel Jones | CFO& Cofounder

Handles the corporate operations and money management

Alex DeLuca | Investor Coordinator

Speaks with investors about terms of agreements

Robert James | CCO & Cofounder

Speaks with organizations regarding business development


Contact Information:

Kenny McIntosh
Jammel Jones
Alex DeLuca
Robert James

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