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Jun 16, 2015 11:49 AM ET

Archived: SAVING THE TIN MAN: a love story told from 4 different perspectives; a Mother, a Father, a Friend and a Pastor

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 16, 2015



I am making this movie because of the calling I have felt over the past four years. A calling to create real content based off of my experience in coming to faith. The faith based genre has been lacking, in my opinion, in portraying true to life struggle. This story was born out of an idea that it would be cool to see a film that changed perspectives based off of one specific incident. Saving the Tin Man is a film about the human condition with a peak into the dark places in our hearts. It is my hope, that this film would be the first of many we make with a goal of creating content that inspires people to seek faith in God.


Saving the Tin Man is a story about survival. One man’s isolated existence in prison; a drug addicted woman’s ability to raise a family without the help of a husband; a pastor’s struggle between his family and his flock or a young man living with a heart that is failing.

The failing health of a High School senior causes a group of unlikely acquaintances to collide in small town Texas. Max Mansur, (Grey Acuna), is in a race against time. His heart is failing and a transplant match has yet to be found. His father, Nasif, (Nathan Amir) searches for answers and struggles to understand why this trial has befallen his son. Emily Kilgore (April Hartman) is a mother of three fighting addiction, depression and doubt in God while trying to survive without her husband serving out a four year prison sentence. Charlie Tibbles (Rashaun Sibley) is Max’s best friend and moral compass maintaining a faith filled perspective while he and Max face a difficult reality. Troy Barnes (Cliff Clements) is the hip, young pastor of Resurrection Church. He is a charismatic man of God caught in the struggle of balancing work and home life amidst the chaos of the world. Saving the Tin Man is a story about survival told from the perspective of four people, all doing their best to find light in a darkened world. Four stories. Four struggles. Four people colliding together in a last minute effort to help save the Tin Man proving that even when the odds are stacked against them the power of faith prevails.     



We will submit to film festivals and are in the process of reaching out to a large church planting organization to arrange screening’s through various churchs. Our producer, Jason Logan, is also fostering relationships with distributors he has come in contact with through the production of his previous films, Leak and The Lotus. There is also a potential to go with a VOD model or DVD distribution. We are and will continue to pursue all angles. 

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