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Jun 16, 2015 8:46 AM ET

Organic Merchants Co.: a vertically integrated direct to consumer food company

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 16, 2015

Organic Merchants Co.

Organic Merchants Co. Logo


Organic Merchants Co. is a vertically integrated direct to consumer food company. We specialize in premium, non perishable, natural and organic products. By cutting out the co-packer, distributor, and retailer, we simply deliver the highest quality products at the best value. After my 15+ years working for others and running Companies in the natural and organic food space, I realized all of the layers of markup in traditional distribution very simply lead to inflated prices on high quality products. Our model harnesses the awareness and appetite developed by our competitors marketing efforts, and then captures their customers directly when that same consumer looks for value. A simple analogy is as follows: A consumer goes to Whole Foods, decides they want to try chia seeds, and they buy them in an 8oz bag at Whole Foods. They pay $9-12 for this bag (or more). That same consumer decides they like chia seeds, but that to have them as an every day item in their cupboard is price prohibitive at $12-$24/lb. This consumer goes online and searches for a better value. We deliver the right size at the right pricepoint, all while maintaining healthy margins since we are the importer, packager, and direct to the consumer retailer. Additionally, we have favorable cash cycles since we are prepaid rather than assuming any credit risk and waiting for 30-60 days for payment. Finally, our bag of tricks in the eCommerce trade – specifically Amazon – allow us to rapidly achieve top 20 status in virtually any category and then sustain those positions ensuring a continuous residual order flow on all items.


Products / Services

Organic Merchants & Natural Traders

High end, good value, non perishable natural and organic food products. Examples include Chia Seeds, quinoa, coconut flour, cacao products, natural sweeteners, gluten free oats, and many more.

Contact Information:

Matthew D Willer

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